Parasites in the human body: symptoms and treatment

Most people even think about what is inside their bodies, some people live. This is about the parasites. Someone believes that once in his house, no animals, and a hand washes after each exit to the street, then the risk of contagion is minimal. This is not so. According to medical statistics, the parasites in the human body are present in almost 50% of cases. Worms, for example, are the oldest creatures, parasitic in the human body. They are so adapted to life inside people, that often their presence does not show, and the carrier it seems that the infections are asymptomatic.

In fact, the symptoms always, it is important to timely recognize the warning signs. Today we will understand what the symptoms indicate the presence of infection, what measures to take for prevention of infestation and the correct treatment can be directed against the parasites, if they are discovered.

parasites in the human body

Symptoms of worm infestation

The biggest problem in terms of identification of parasites in the body – the many facets of symptomatology, the massive not only confuse the man himself, but also of the attending physician to which the patient asked for advice. Depending on the type, localization and life cycle of parasites, variously manifested. Sometimes you won't even notice most of the symptoms, stopping the attention only on one (for example, pain in the lungs). As a result, the patient heals from the revealed disease, if found, and returns home for the lack of clinical images.

Therefore, it is important to see a picture of your health in general, noting comprehensive changes in the state. Medicine publishes more than a dozen signs pointing to the worm infestation. Consider these symptoms in the form of a table.

Showing the parasites in the human body?

Flag What happens in the body?
Allergic reactions If a person suddenly begins to suffer from allergy symptoms, it is worth it to log in to the parasites. The fact is, that the selection of pest-toxic and the immune system can respond to the production of an increased amount of defense cells, which in turn cause irritation and allergies.
Pain in the muscles and joints Parasites are able to live in the connective tissue, joint fluid, muscles. The transition, that cause the pain, which many attributed to arthritis, injuries or stretching. In fact, soreness of muscles and joints can indicate inflammation, which, as a result of life of the parasites.
Anemia Protozoa that live in the bloodstream of humans, it feeds on cells in the blood and can cause substantial loss. Also anemia cause parasites, exhaust the useful substances from the intestines of the host, including iron.
Headaches Regular headaches, dizziness, bouts of nausea point to the intoxication of the organism as parasitic infestations.
Gratuitous reduction/increase in weight The lack of weight gain occurs due to the internal consumers of food, who is living and is human. The increase in weight in connection with the fact that the body, on the contrary, he loses the useful substance, the person is constantly experiencing a racing sugar levels and feel hungry.
Sleep disorders Frequent awakenings, nervousness and responsive sleep, often associated with parasitic contamination. The liver is trying to clean up from toxic substances secreted by parasites, and usually her activity falls on the deep night. Also, the person may annoy itching of the anus, not giving to sleep.
Bruxism (squeaks his teeth in his sleep) Gnashing of teeth – one of the symptoms of worm infestation is particularly common in children. It is believed that exactly so the nerve endings react to intoxication and inflammation.
Itching in the anus Helminths often manifest themselves by itching in the anal hole, especially often this symptom is common in children.
Violation of the chair Constipation or diarrhea – can be signs, pointing to the parasites living in the intestines. Constipation is related with the fact that the exuberant invasion leads to blockage of the intestinal outlets, diarrhea.
Irritation of the intestines When inflammation of the walls of the body, the parasites provoke the must irritable bowel syndrome. This process deteriorates the water absorption of the useful substances, and also makes it impossible absorption of fats in the right department, which carries with it the cramps and pain.
Bloating Bloating, a feeling of reveals, bloated belly – a clear sign of the presence in the body of parasites. Pay attention to this symptom, it is necessary, if gases happen without regard to food intake.
Skin problems Hives, acne, eczema, dermatitis and other rashes on the skin – a signal that the organism is infected with parasites. The results of their activities negatively affecting the GIT, which will be "broadcast" and on the skin of the skin.
Disorders of the nervous system Increased excitability, nervousness, depression and feelings of sadness may be signs of assault. The systematic poisoning of the body leads to disturbances in the nervous system, and in particular this figure is valid for children. Causeless tearfulness, whims and fears they may have under themselves quite "natural" soil.
Chronic fatigue Apathy, drowsiness, and reluctance to carry out even minimal physical activity – "hello" from the body, suffering from intoxication and a lack of nutrients, elements that are stealing parasites.
Reduced immunity Frequent viral and bacterial diseases, violation of the microflora, colds and infections – the symptoms of parasitic disease. Parasites weaken the immune system, reduces the production of immunoglobulin and.
A general disruption of well-being, pain in various organs Depending on the localization of the parasites can negatively interfere with the work of all the organs: lungs, heart, brain, liver or pancreas.
The development of tumors and formations The above signs and symptoms, and in particular collected together, provoking the emergence of a variety of tumors, including cancer. Attached parasites, the organism is not able to fight with their growth.
diagnosis of parasites

The above symptoms rarely occur in one place to make it happen, a parasitic invasion must be very strong. And here is a combination of three to four symptoms occur everywhere. Consider it on the example of specific infections:

  1. Roundworm – pain in the gut, disorders of stool, dysfunction of the liver and pancreas.
  2. Pinworms – burning and itching around the anus, diarrhea, bloating, teeth grinding, nervous system disorders, loss of appetite, bouts of headaches.
  3. Lantecy – reducing body weight, allergic reactions, immunity disorders, diseases of the intestines.

Diagnosis of parasites

If a person find out from yourself or your loved ones some of the above symptoms, it is advisable to go through the diagnostics, make sure to reveal the parasites in the body. For it is possible to turn to the practical physician (or pediatrician, if the child) to the appropriate destination. As usual, the district exposes recommendations on examination of blood, saliva and feces.

Modern medicine also offers immunological study for parasitic infestation, as well as comprehensive tests, detection of specific groups of parasites. Unfortunately, these complicated tests are charged and pass is possible in private clinics. But the results obtained show accurately to a certain kind of pest, which allows you to assign adequate treatment.

There is no cure, as efficiently acting on all the groups of parasites. Also, when the appointment of the drug should take into account the stage of development of the pest, such as drugs that act on the eggs, can not hit adults. Why start therapy is necessary when the hands no longer have the tests and their decryption. Usually doctors use several types of drugs, about which we will explain below.

Treatment of helminth invasion

Anti-parasitic medications, that exist in the present, they have a wide range of action, then it is covering several species parasitic in the human body beings. However, as we have already noted above, every drug has a specific activity, and is named after the diagnosis. However, in the medical arsenal, in the case of worm infestation are about a dozen funds (and their analogues), established themselves as safe and effective.

The first group of drugs is used in the detection of in the body of roundworms, hookworms, worming. Drugs are appointed, if one is attacked by such parasites such as pinworms, ascaris, vlasoglavy, Trichinella and the like.

The second group of drugs have efficacy against worms of the tape, cestodes, tapeworms. These include a wide lentetsa, liver flukes, dwarf, pig and beef tapeworms – these parasites are the most common.

It is worth remembering that when the worm infestation one member of the family, with a probability of 99%, the rest of the household are also carriers of these harmful organisms. Respectively held the diagnosis and treatment is recommended to the whole family. The same is true for a small group of people, a tight communication between each other (a children's garden, for example).

Folk methods, how to get rid of parasites

folk methods of treatment

Treatment of parasites significantly complicated by the fact that in the course of life is proliferating, thereby in the body of a man and at the same time there are also eggs, larvae and adults. Intake of drugs is usually one, with repetition over 10-14 days, to from the body of the individual, the time of growth during this time. Also, a good option is an auxiliary, people's therapy, which is able to provide the support of traditional medical treatment.

When taking for the treatment of parasites of domestic ways, discuss with your doctor. Not all recipes are as safe – depending on the age and condition of the patient, may prove inappropriate.

We offer several folk recipes, proven over the years and has the largest number of positive reviews from people who have recovered from parasites in this way.

Tincture of wormwood. A tablespoon of powdered dry mugwort pour 100 ml of alcohol, and two weeks insist in a cool and dark place. then the liquid filtered and taken three times a day 20 drops before meals.

The pumpkin seed. Fresh unsalted shelled pumpkin seeds (300 g) ground in a coffee grinder, then combine with honey or with water (1:1). Mixture it is necessary to eat on an empty stomach, after which three more hours can't eat, and then you need to take a laxative. The fact is that pumpkin seeds contain special substance which paralyzes the pest and temporarily challenging to have the opportunity to consolidate on the walls of the organs.

Mushroom tincture. It is preferable to use white mushrooms or chanterelles, because they contain a substance that kills and adult worms and larvae. A handful of fresh mushrooms is poured a glass of vodka and insist for two weeks, then the liquid is filtered and drink a teaspoon before bedtime. Of course, this method is not suitable for pregnant women and children.

The bark of the pomegranate. 50 g fresh bark of pomegranate pour two cups of boiling water and boil on the fire until the liquid is reduced in volume by half. After the infusion to drink a sip, after half an hour of taking the laxative. During the four hours it is necessary to refrain from food. At the end of the procedure, it is recommended a cleansing enema.

A decoction of cloves. Dry cloves ground to a powder, a teaspoon of which is poured a glass of boiling water and warm on a water bath for one minute, then served with a lid and insist for half an hour. Use the decoction only in the fresh state, a tea spoonful three times a day, half an hour before meals.

How to get rid of parasites folk methods will be much more effective if you act in the premises. First, it is necessary to seem to the doctor, hand over analyzes and see their results. After they are accepted by the pharmacy drugs, should strictly according to the prescribed schedule. Pre-consult with the attending physician of their wish to take advantage of folk recipes and together determine the best option. The last step to good treatment – prevention. We discuss this below.

Prevention of infestation

The main role in preventive actions aimed at reducing the risk of infection, it takes hygiene. Even adults, who are perfectly informed about the need to adhere to hygiene regulations, often by neglecting. Meanwhile, the doctors insist, that regular preventive measures are able to halve the risk of infection of the parasites. To the hygienic standards required for children and adults, include:

  1. Careful hand washing with soap (after each arrival from the street, contact with animals).
  2. Processing of the hands antiseptic gels or wipes.
  3. Daily change of underwear (pre-must be ironed with a hot iron).
  4. Weekly exchange of bed linen (washing in hot water).
prevention of parasites

The child must learn that they will not have in the mouth by dirty hands, not share food with their peers, bit behind. The child should be explained the danger of falling into the body of impurities, bacteria and parasites. Especially carefully it is necessary to wash hands after working with the earth, with nature.

As a daily prevention against the parasites you can add food, sharp spices and condiments – most of the pests is they hate. It is recommended to eat onion and garlic, to use when cooking pepper, cloves, horseradish.

To summarize

Regular prevention, as well as attention to the most insignificant represented a recognition of the infestation of parasites, – simple rules, which protect the entire family from the problems. For personal hygiene, cooking, as well as the supervision of children and animals need to be treated with the utmost responsibility. Take care of your health!