Symptoms of the presence of worms

To find out whether there is in man the worms, the more at an early stage, it is needed special tests that can show the overall clinical picture.

In that case, when the obvious symptoms have already begun to manifest itself, you can be absolutely confident in the fact that helminths have already managed to multiply in the human body.

how to understand that worms in the body

This is due to the fact that the larva of helminth is not evolving and is located in the sleep mode, and it is the adult worm has all the "advantages" of the inner world of man. This is the reason why in a time when the parasite has managed to develop and appear symptoms.

The first and often unexpected signs of the presence of worms – headaches and seizures allergies. Both flag are repeated with enviable regularity, and does not disappear after a long therapy.

Doctors do not always associate the pain and allergic reactions to parasites, and therefore only after a certain period of time and the absence of positive results in the treatment of begin to search for the real cause of the disease.

In such cases, are assigned to the laboratory tests – analysis. For that, if you want to save from the problems of serious proportions it is worth it to closely monitor their well-being and take into account the indirect signs pointing to it, that in the body "settled" worms.

How to understand that in an adult man bred worms

In the early phase of the first symptoms of worms manifest themselves in most cases as well. To detect the presence of worms in the body of an adult can be on this "production" of symptoms:

  • Cough – prolonged according to the time and not passing, even if the drug treatment of expectorant drugs and antibiotics;
  • Skin rash of allergic nature. To them can be attributed to eczema, papilloma, acne rash, hives, sores;
  • Colds and pneumonia. This disease of the upper respiratory tract, also may indicate the presence of worms;
  • Due to the fact that the worms sometimes form in the human gut of monumental proportions clumps in the form of clots, can be constant constipation;
  • So how to defend, bile, and the juice act on the body, then a man may appear diarrhea, together by a feeling bloated stomach;
  • These beings live at the expense of the life forces of man, and therefore in the other necessarily reduced immunity, which in turn leads to frequent diseases of a cold nature;
  • Insomnia, susceptibility stresses that teeth grinding during sleep – all this is the result of violations in the work of the nervous system;
  • A tendency to depression – is the result of that into the blood of man they get the waste products of the parasites that cause poisoning of the organism;
  • Joint pain.

Important! For a good diagnostician enough gathered together three of any of the above symptoms, together, how to recognize the presence of the disease in the body of an adult.

How to understand whether there is an infection with worms in a child

worms in a child

Due to the fact that a small child is not always openly talk about their health problems, or just can not yet talk, to diagnose in toddlers helminthiasis quite hard. But for warning parents nothing is impossible, and therefore reveal the assault task feasible. Injection parasites is determined by the following symptoms:

  • Excessive secretion of saliva. It is especially strongly manifested in the time of sleep and early morning period;
  • Too active or too repressed and sleepy baby;
  • In the gastronomic plan favorite specialty are sweets;
  • Baby cards back passage. Especially noticeable it becomes in the morning and at night;
  • On the child the bark of the eyelids and very heavily damaged nails;
  • Children that are infected with worms, often fall ill with colds, flu, SARS and so on;
  • Occurrence in the history of the diagnosis of anemia. Anemia is a decrease in the level of hemoglobin and blood content of red blood cells in the blood.

The most obvious sign of the presence of worms in a child – it is a violation of the functioning of his nervous system. It is highly irritated because of the little things, evinces aggression, often crying. For such a result can say "thank you" parasites, actively developing the body of the child, the products of its life.

Important! If a child has such a disease such as difillobotrioz, or ascariasis, then the lack of treatment leads to the fact that the level produced by the parasites, toxins reaches a high level.

This, in turn, becomes the cause of dizziness and headaches, because toxins get into the brain move freely in the blood.

The reasons for the worms so the negative impact on human health

The first warning bell in parasitic diseases – disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. So as helminths – this is the foreign organisms inside a person, then the reaction to them, respectively, negative. The main part of the parasites settle directly in the intestines and lay inside his egg, thereby exerting effects on the intestinal wall. In addition to the bowel the eggs can settle, and to other vital organs – the heart, lungs and brain.

If they are present signs of the occurrence of worms in the format of the disorders of the functioning of the digestive tract, then it is a violation will lead to a logical last – vomiting and nausea.

This can be explained by the fact that they – the "aliens" inside of us and the body manifests the reaction to the products of their life as the toxin. Toxins – the first provocateurs of poisoning. And poisoning is accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Here is the whole answer, which is a circle.

Diarrhoea in assault helminthůmu caused by some types of worms, which secrete the hormone deter the process of absorption of fluids intestinal problems. Often when the incidence of disease in the work of the digestive system doctors the first thing is to diagnosed with food poisoning, and send the patient for treatment at the infectious department.

Due to the fact that it isn't food poisoning, in the full sense of the diagnosis, and then treatment will be completely ineffective about solving the problem.

If with disorder of the stomach all clear, it is not just fits in your head the relationship between joint and muscle pain, and worms.

This parasite accumulate in the muscle tissue, the closure is in the original capsule, in which they can exist without food and movement for a very long time. As soon as the conditions for breeding are favorable uninvited "guest" begins to delay the eggs. The usual treatment is medicinal means, aimed at elimination of inflammation and pain syndrome will not have the desired effect.

symptoms of worms in the body

Why when infection with worms holds the temperature

In the presence of worms in the adult and the child is observed in increased temperature 37,0 – 37,5°C. This temperature is called low-grade and is often associated with contamination helminthůmu. The availability of such temperatures is explained by the following factors:

  • Poisoning of the body toxins that are thrown in the circulatory system of the person and spread around her;
  • Availability for anemia, low hemoglobin;
  • Dysfunction of the internal organs;
  • Allergic reaction to available in the blood of toxins;
  • Wrong work of the brain, and in particular — snoring and gnashing of teeth in the sleep.

Adult and child as they react to the "heart" with the parasites. This worm secretes into the blood stream a huge amount of toxin, adversely specifically affecting the work of the kidneys and the liver. Thanks to this, in the human body accumulate "useless" fabric.

So like immunity is always standing on guard of health, then at each emission of the toxin reacts the production of antibodies. But to work around the clock, no one can, and immunity is no exception. Therefore, with time, these antibodies will begin to attack not only on "foreigners", but also to the native tissue. That's the kind of scheme of development of such diseases as allergies, and arthritis.

What are the allergic reactions are considered to be signs of the presence of worms

Assault helminthůmu causes allergies, which may subsequently manifest itself in different forms. In general, allergic reactions are divided into two types – local and general. The local reactions include itching of the skin and cough. To the total responses include symptoms such as brittle nails, weak hair, asthma and a constant runny nose.

In addition, the external manifestations of allergic reactions should cause, but concern and force them to think about their health. To such manifestations of infection thus classified:

  • The emergence of dermatitis in the mouth area and around it;
  • Acne and acne;
  • Eczema;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Herpes.

Important! Due to the fact that the immunity in the adult and the child fades in the period of infection and the organism becomes an excellent target for such diseases as stomatitis, sinusitis, candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis.

It is possible to determine who got stuck inside You

Symptoms of infection with worms, certain for each individual helminth. To determine the presence of these or other symptoms, it is worth to get acquainted with some kinds of worms. To date, there are about 100 species of parasites found in the human gut. Just of them are beginning to develop pathology in the GI. The most famous are "pests":

  • Ancylostoma;
  • Whipworm;
  • Dwarf tapeworm;
  • Pulmonary luck;
  • The Larva of the pig tapeworm – cysticerci larvae;
  • Pinworms;
  • Broad tapeworm;
  • The Echinococcus.

The easiest way to detect the presence in the body of roundworms, because they tend to get out of here ourselves out through the anal opening.

As "lunges" are necessary to them to lay their eggs on the skin mezhyagodichnoy area. Absolutely everyone from types of worms declares its presence in the human body dysbiosis.

symptoms of worms

When the worm infestation a person exhibits pathology in the lungs, accompanied by fever. Next to temperature, will appear cough, which stands out yellowish sputum from grapes blood. It is in this sputum can I find the larvae of the roundworm.

Muscle pain, swelling of the face (in particular – the area of the century) and increased temperature is a signal about the development of trichinosis.

A small test to determine the infection wormam

To determine the formation of undesirable "neighbors", in the body it is necessary to arrange a small test, which is able to answer the exciting question. The answer should be "yes" or "no" to the below questions:

  1. Is feel whether the itching in the anal passage (particularly hard in the morning and in the evening)?
  2. It happens whether vomiting and nausea without the visible reasons for this?
  3. How a good sleep at night – to suffer, whether You are on the insomnia?
  4. Observe whether the swollen lymph nodes?
  5. Rash and irritation on the skin – a frequent phenomenon?
  6. You caught that stomach, as if swollen?
  7. Do You think the bitter taste in the mouth?
  8. Met you in pain, uncomfortable or gnawing feeling in the muscles and joints?

If the 7 questions out of 8 got a positive response, then you can be sure that the infection helminthůmu happened. With them it is necessary to fight and not to let the disease progress.

Important! The help of an expert – this is the first step to recovery. If you want to do medicine folk medicine is worth it, first of all, consult with the attending physician.

Who is prone to infection by the parasite especially strongly

It's no secret that personal care and personal attitude to this issue is directly linked with helminthiasyom. But sometimes even the compliance with all the rules, can protect the person from infection.

In the first risk group includes people living in close contact with animals:

  • The vet;
  • Trained animals;
  • Workers of zoos;
  • Owners of pets;
  • People working in agriculture.

Following the list of candidates for infection are health care workers, as well as people working in the kindergarten or school. Staff catering services (canteens, restaurants, cafes, etc.) also run the risk, in order to "neighbors".

Well, and the numerous group – children of preschool age and children, pupils in primary schools. A habit to pull into the mouth of the subjects, to wash their hands before eating, and sometimes even the actual food before drinking – the most common cause of the disease.

Important! Here is a very important parental control and careful observation for your child, because the child is always talking about unpleasant sensations.

Sometimes it happens in the validity of the shyness, sometimes in the force of ignorance about the fact that it doesn't have to be.

As the parasite penetrates the inside

The body of an adult is to be in a healthy state itself is able to protect from uninvited guests. On the way to the cherished of the intestine, the parasite takes place a whole series of tests:

worm infestation
  • Protective barrier begins in the oral cavity. Inside is produced by a special enzyme, which is not particularly like "to taste" wormam;
  • The acidity inside the stomach – the second hurdle for worms;
  • Immunity directly inside the intestine – the third barrier inside the person.

More often than usual wormNaya invasion reaches the larvae of the helminth, waiting for his chance in the natural environment – the water and the earth. The larvae of the roundworm, whipworm, pinworms, Fluke and so on – penetrate into the body through the human consumption of unwashed vegetables, fruit, green or infected, raw water.

But you can become infected not only on dirty food, but also from contact with infected pets. Those people who consume the food bad salted caviar and undercooked fish it is worth it to be on check, because along with these "Goodies" in the body settles the cat Fluke and tapeworm wide.

Long enough heat treatment of pork, beef and sheep meat opens the door for those harmful organisms, such as swine and bullish tapeworm.

Pinworms, and the dwarf tapeworm is able to carry through the domestic needs in violation of the rules of personal hygiene.

If the body is weakened, then three of these protective barriers, stop working by "pest" option of the "flower and fragrance". This is why it is so important to take care of yourself and your body, carry out preventive measures against worms and strengthen the immune system with all the available ways.

And don't forget, that it is necessary to monitor not only their immunity, but also because the well-being of your loved ones, because the infection can occur both from Your side and in the opposite direction.