Types of worms in humans

In the human body can live different kinds of worms. From the slaughter of the parasites no one is safe, general information about the helminth are an important information for everyone. Know the ways of invasiveness and features of parasitism of the different worms, can significantly reduce the risk of infection. Consider the classification of kinds of worms.

The pig tapeworm


Our favorite memory of worms include round helminths. Next to their name – hookworm. This is a group of parasites, the body, which in transverse section has a round shape. Their length ranges from 5 mm to 40 look To settle down mostly in the intestines, but may be localized in other organs, tissues.

A large occurrence of this parasite is due to the simplicity of the transmission. For the development of him, it is not necessary to change the host. Hookworm are transmitted from person to person, or through the use of unwashed vegetables, fruits. In particular, massively helminthiasis of this type, called the disease of dirty hands, it is diagnosed in children. In the body of the people to settle as representatives of the nematode:

  1. Pinworms – small worms that have bodies grayish color a length of 5-10 mm. Localized in the intestines, causing enterobiasis disease. Infection occurs when the eggs enter the body through the mouth. For 2 weeks, the worm goes through the life cycle of the development into Mature individuals. Live these parasites 1-2 months, a violation of the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to exhaustion.
  2. Roundworm – large worms, inducing the development of ascariasis. The length of their body fusiform forms is 20-40 see Are parasitic in the small intestine, but in the development process penetrate into the liver, heart and lungs. Moving around the body, the worms damage the internal organs and pipes. The period of life of insects – 12-14 months. Assault them have a negative effect on health, leading to allergies, indigestion, internal bleeding, intestinal obstruction. In children, roundworm can cause delays in development. The way of infection – through unwashed hands, dirty products.
  3. Vlasoglavy – worms with a body length of 3-5 cm, localized in the large intestine. The parasite sticks to the wall of the intestines and absorbs the blood. Causes trihozefalez. It is very poisonous parasite, so it strongly poisons the body. Period of life – up to 5 years. All the time it causes problems with taste and chairs, anemia, pain in the abdomen. Can lead to a sharp appendicitis, when he gets into the blind intestine.
  4. Trichinella– the worms, the length does not exceed 2-5 mm. Despite the small dimensions, causing severe disease trichinosis. Its symptoms are fever, swelling, allergy, high temperature. Become infected it is possible through the meat of wild game meat, pigs. These worms troubled by muscle tissue, especially often affected are the muscles of the face and respiratory tract. After 3-4 weeks, the larvae, who got into muscles, turn into capsules. Comes healing. But when a massive infestation it is possible to fatal consequences.
  5. Toxocara – worm, parasitic in the body of a dog. Similar ascaride, because it has the same fusiform body with a length 15-30 see, When its larvae get into the body of the people, arises the disease toxocariasis. In the human body Toxocara cannot develop into Mature individuals, so their larvae migrate throughout the body, causing damage to internal organs, allergies and other disorders.
Bullish tapeworm

Tape worms

Among the most dangerous worms which occur in man, is the main cast tape helminths or cestodes. When we consider their immense magnitude, which can reach 18 m, it becomes obvious how a negative effect on health. Cestodes are divided on the tapeworm and the tapeworm. For passing the whole life cycle need to change the host. Let's take a brief description of the most common representatives of the species:

  1. Broad tapeworm – worm the length of 10-15 m, which causes the development of the difillobotrioz. Settles in a thin department of intestines after a person was using raw freshwater fish, contaminated with eggs of worms. Causes severe pain in the abdomen, anemia, indigestion. This helminth, as well as most of the cestodes, has a frightening appearance.
  2. The pig tapeworm – worm, entering into the body due to ingestion of food contaminated with pork meat. These 8-m worms, parasitic in the intestines, causing the development of teniasis, followed by severe digestive disorders, nervous dysfunction, allergies.
  3. Bullish tapeworm – various tapeworms, reaching a size of 18 m. It is one of the largest human worms. It causes the development of beef tapeworm infection, leading to intestinal obstruction, physical and nervous exhaustion. Infect this wormom possible, eating affected beef. Localized worm in the small intestine.
  4. Echinococcus – a tape worm, parasitic in the bodies of cats, dogs. People for this parasite is the intermediate host, but despite this, the larvae of the worm provoke the development is a very complicated disease echinococcosis. The eggs of the worms develop into larva, which are introduced into the tissue of all the organs and fast enough to make up the cysts. Their removal is possible only surgically.
The parasites develop in the meat


Flukes or trematodes – a type of worm with suckers on the surface of the body. With their help the worms to dig in the walls of internal organs, tissue and so alive, absorb useful substances, and blood. The body of these deworming have a flat shape, the length can reach 1.5 m Visually resemble a piece of wood. The main source of infection of flukes – eating poorly cooked fish and seafood. In the development process need to change 1-2 intermediate hosts. The main varieties of Flukes, parasitic in the body of the people:

  1. Iecoris Dens – helminth, provoking the development of opisthorchiasis. Reach a length of 7-20 mm. It amazes biliary, hepatic and pancreatic ducts. On the background of the disease this parasite develops ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis.
  2. Siberian Fluke – worm length 8-13 mm, parasitic in the gall bladder and its ducts. In the early stages of the assault arises high temperature, pain in muscles, joints, disorders of the digestion, then the symptoms are less pronounced. This is proof that the disease passed into a chronic stage.

Treatment – medications from all kinds of worms

Destroy worms, it is necessary to take de-worming medication. But for the beginning it is necessary to set, what specifically kind of helminthiasya hit the body. On the basis of the results of diagnostics are selected drugs. These are divided into 2 types:

    Liver Fluke
  • narrow – are assigned to the destruction of several types of worming;
  • Omni-directional – they are considered universal, because it destroys nearly all kinds of worms are suitable for the prevention of wormNoah parasitic disease.

Scheme income, as well as the duration of treatment the tablets must identify the expert, because the de-worming means a lot of contraindications and side effects.

In addition, during the therapy you can use the people's recipes. Many of the plants have de-worming properties – garlic, onions, seeds of pumpkin, herbs, spices, ginger. On their basis prepare the de-worming of teas, decoctions, and other remedies, drinks that help cleanse the body.

The defeat of any species of worms carries with it enormous health problems. Due to their danger, it is important to stick to preventive measures, which help reduce the risk of assault. You just need to follow the rules of hygiene, eating meat and fish, only the last complete heat treatment, and to carefully wash fruits, vegetables.

At the first signs of infestation, please contact your doctor. The less time the worms live in the body, the easier it is to get rid of the consequences of parasitism.