The most effective means to prevent and treat against parasites

The human body is a completely acceptable environment for many microorganisms. There are a few simple rules that will not allow pests to become in it the masters.

Symptoms the presence of parasites

Man – the crown of creation. But not everyone knows that it is a place of residence for the parasitic organisms. Bacteria, fungal infections and a large number of different kinds of worms constantly in the body 85% of the population of the planet. It's the proximity leads to a deterioration of well-being and many diseases, the causes of which doctors will not be immediately able to determine. This is the reason why prevention of parasites in humans must occupy one of the first places among the wellness activities.

Symptoms the presence of parasites

The parasites use the body of the host as a habitat, eat his food, first and foremost, vitamins, clog the waste of his life blood, and other systems. In one day the worm postponed up to half a million eggs. After all the parasites in virtually every organ, including the intestines, liver, muscles, brain, lungs, mucous membranes of the eyes and acts against the host.

Be in the human body for a long time and in large quantities, the worms cause the following symptoms:

  • inflammation of the walls of the intestines, disorders of absorption of nutrients;
  • bloating, bloating of the small intestine;
  • dysbacterioses;
  • large parasites can cause obstruction of ducts and intestines;
  • provoke diarrhea;
  • inflammation of the respiratory system due to the migration of certain parasites;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • disorders of the immune functions of the organism;
  • allergy to of the parasites themselves, or as a result of metabolic disorders;
  • any skin rashes, ulcers, papilloma, eczema, other diseases;
  • muscle, joint pain due to injury to the parasites;
  • violations of body weight;
  • sleep problems;
  • teeth grinding in my sleep as a result of irritation of the nervous system;
  • depression, neurosis, anxiety;
  • physical, mental, emotional fatigue of a chronic nature;
  • weakness, statuses, similar to the common cold or the flu;
  • long-term poisoning, and the weakening of the immunity causes of Oncology.
Folk remedies against parasites

These symptoms may be present in other diseases, so make conclusions, or to prescribe treatment based on them cannot be. Often the usual laboratory tests do not show the real situation. For the proper diagnosis requires a deeper research.

The greatest danger parasites pose to children and women in pregnancy. The developing organism is extremely vulnerable to worms and their toxins. A big risk of delays in physical growth, slowing brain activity and other problems.

The source of infestation

There are helminths, who use the human body as an interface for its existence. Others, on the contrary, they get to him after a transit stay in the body of any animal. Other species do not need intermediary services. Each of them gets into the human body in its own way.


Pets or their outdoor counterparts active vectors worming. Games with four-legged friends are introducing a person to the risk. In particular, if let lick the hands and face, is from the master plates, and so on. After contact with domestic animals is a necessary quality of processing of hands and clothes, which is very important for children.


Flies – a peddler of infection, including the larvae of worms. Almost all the blood-sucking insects, in the head with the mosquitoes, also convey the eggs of parasites on the human body. It is necessary to defend yourself from contact with fleas and lice, tongs, bed bugs and other dangerous representatives of this species.

Food flower beds

Vegetables, berries and fruits, which is in contact with the ground, are the ideal suppliers of worming. There are gifts of the bed is possible only after a thorough washing. Otherwise, it is a high risk of infection of the human body parasites, and will have to undergo a course of treatment.


The larvae of some kinds of worms to expect their hours in the water. And then there are chances of infection of the organism the dangerous pests. In any case you cannot drink from rivers and lakes. And wash this water, hands and food. Bathing on the unverified and suspicious places carries the same risk.

Fish and meat

Many species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, largest and herds of horned cattle, pigs and other animals are central station for some worms. When in their body, the larvae wait for a while, when they get into the intestine of man. The biggest risk in people who eat the meat of animals in raw or inadequately cooked form. For the treatment and relaxation of the body in which case you will have to use a special diet and pills against worms.

According to statistics, the sharp rise in the infection with worms occurs in the summer period. Just at this time in need of targeted prevention against parasites and appropriate treatment.


How to get rid of uninvited guests

Opinions are radically divided. Some believe that it is not in the presence of the worms is no problem, and the forces of the body enough to cope with a natural task. These people don't do anything against parasites, refuse any treatment and tablets, and even behave too frivolously.

The others – the followers of virtually sterile lifestyle. These constantly drink pills against worms, greets and traditional and non-traditional treatment boils scissors before cutting the nails and iron absolutely everything, down to the socks.

However, in both cases, the human body suffers from. It is worth it to consult with an infectious disease and regularly fight against the invaders, the use of the pill, or efficient people's car.

Preparations against parasites

There is a large list of medicines active against worms. Tablets narrow highly toxic to the human body, but they affect specific parasites with high efficiency. Products with a broad spectrum of action of the more lenient, but not all are powerful. It is necessary to make the tactics of treatment and tablets named the doctor with regard to the peculiarities of the condition of the human organism, the degree of parasitic infestation.

Natural remedies from worms

Treatment against parasites can be more efficient, adds some popular ways to get rid of trouble. And sometimes you can only one of the following recipes, how to cleanse your body without chemistry.

The most simple folk ways:

  • add to any meal raw garlic, onions, ginger;
  • essential oil of tea tree, bergamot, or lavender – 2 drops in any food;
  • fasting eat 2 teaspoons of raw seeds from the pumpkin;
  • a decoction of fennel or chamomile, which is drunk instead of tea.

Notes for the family

To have to regularly undergo the treatment, which is not always simple, and harmless, it is recommended to timely resort to prevent parasites.

Principles of prevention of parasites, the current for the entire family:

  • wash hands before eating, visiting the toilet and after it;
  • wash your hands, returning from the street after the games with the animals;
  • no, to swim in unknown water bodies, drink from them the water;
  • there unwashed vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • there are many fresh vegetables with a bitter taste, especially the garlic;
  • reduce the consumption of sugary, yeast products;
  • meat products buy only in proven places;
  • follow the technique of cooking meat;
  • Cleaning
  • include home clean and at the same time spend a wet cleaning;
  • soft furniture, carpets once a year to process the antimicrobial means;
  • more often to wash, to wash children's things and toys;
  • small children does not allow to touch animals, play in the earth and sand;
  • regularly drink pills or use folk remedies against worms;
  • with caution and only when necessary resort to the adoption of any medicine;
  • trying to keep the pleasure of the spirit, positive approach to life.

There is nothing difficult to prevent infection with worms. To regain the health of your body, you only need to take the right decision and exert a little willpower.