How to properly assemble the cal for analysis for parasites?

Analysis of the stool for eggs of worm most often it is prescribed for the identification of the carrier de-worming to prevent the spread of parasitic infestations in groups of contact people.

The obligation of submission of this analysis for workers, catering services and other professions, which require the availability of a medical book, and it is needed when taking the children to the preschool and regular school, when applying for a job, hospitalization, completion of the spa treatment, a visit to the pool.


In addition, the study of feces on the jajce-worm may be assigned including diagnostic measures for suspected intestinal helminthiasis. The reliability of results of laboratory research to a large extent depend on how well it was compiled by the biological material. In this article, are clarified all the questions related to the putting the examination of the stool for eggs of worm children and adults.

Why do we need analysis?

To transfer the analysis of the stool for eggs of worm cannot be treated formally. Person, which it is intended, must realize that the identification of the wormNoah parasitic disease, it is important, first of all, for yourself. Because the parasites cause severe damage to health, some of their species are able to penetrate into the liver, brain, heart and other organs.

Laboratory studies cal do not always reveal the invasion, because in a small sample of biological material, put on analysis, eggs worming may not be. The parasite lays eggs, not permanently, so in the fecal masses, which are distributed unevenly.

In addition, the results may have the effect of ignoring the rules of preparation to the analysis, poor collection and storage of the material.

Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow all the rules of preparation for the handover of the analysis, the collection and storage of the sample, and realize the need of re-commissioning, if the analysis shows a lack of parasites.

What symptoms may indicate infection with worms?

Symptom, clearly the recognition of the presence of worms is the itching and the deviation in a back alley, and it's especially palpable in the evening and at night. It is typical for enterobiasis – a parasitic disease pinworms. The invasion of other types of de-worming is so obvious and characteristic clinical pictures, symptoms may be unexpressed, either attention also to many other diseases.

Suspected helminthiasis can cause the following symptoms:

    Intestinal disorders
  • Reduce appetite to complete his deficiency;
  • Bloating and intestinal disorders;
  • The presence of blood and mucus in the fecal between the masses;
  • Loss of body weight;
  • Frequent headaches, sleep disorders;
  • A constant feeling of decay forces;
  • Pale skin;
  • The weakening of the immunity, which in exposure, common colds;
  • Gnashing of the teeth during sleep;
  • Skin problems.

Upon the occurrence of at least a few of these symptoms, you need to pass inspections, including the identification of parasitic infestations.

How to prepare for the analysis?

In order to increase the degree of reliability of the result of the analysis of feces on the jajce-worm, it is necessary before its distribution to adhere to certain rules.

Does not make sense to examine the feces on eggs of worms in the following cases:

  1. When choosing anti-parasitic drugs and immediately after their course;
  2. After the radiographic examination with the use of drugs);
  3. After the oil enema.

In all these cases is the probability of detection of eggs worming is close to zero, and the results of the analysis can be illustrative.

Also reduce the effectiveness of the research can use of some effective drugs. If they are not vital, then their income is to be terminate within 3 days of collection of stool for analysis.

If the patient is undergoing treatment, which cannot be interrupted, for example, a course of ingested antibiotics, then give up the analysis of the stool for eggs of worm it is better to postpone until its end, because in the conditions of the changed environment in the intestine propagation worming slowing down, and their eggs may be discovered.

Has an effect on the results of the research and the composition of food that a person ate in the eve of the collection of biological material. During the use of products that contribute to increased gas and looser bowel, food mass quickly through the intestinal tract, and the probability content in the stools of the eggs of the parasites decreases. So for 1-2 days to collection of feces for the analysis on eggs of worms is recommended to exclude from the diet foods that cause the release of the intestines.

For each person is the of these products is individual, but in general, these include:

    Red beets
  • Fresh and sour cabbage;
  • Fresh beet;
  • Apricots, plums;
  • Prunes;
  • Grapes;
  • Persimmon;
  • Kefir;
  • Cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin;
  • Legumes;
  • Watermelon, cantaloupe.

Also not recommended eating food, coloring cal in unusual colors – the already mentioned beets, blueberries, cherries, black currants.

Compliance with these simple rules, you can greatly increase the likelihood of identifying wormNoah parasitic disease and in time to start her treatment.

What are the rules for the collection of feces for analysis?

If observed all the rules of preparation to the research of fecal masses in the presence of ova of parasites, the above, then it is possible to produce a fence material sample for analysis. Typically, this point raises a number of questions: how much do you need feces for analysis on the jajce-worm, what are the rules of its collection, it is possible to save the translated material and so on, let's See in detail the answers to these questions.

Lab not taken on the analysis of the feces in the game and other cardboard boxes, for collecting the material it is possible to have a small glass container with a tight-fitting lid, or buy in a pharmacy special plastic container for collection of feces. This container is advantageous in the fact that he is equipped with a squeegee for collecting the sample and tightly fitting lid, is not jumping fragrance.

Sterilized glass containers, and even more – the pharmacy, there is no need. Jar and lid is enough to clean food and soda and thoroughly rinse with clean warm water, and a container for collecting feces for washing needs.

If harvesting carried out in the home pack, then make it more convenient to just a single tablespoon. You can also use cotton swab, more matches. Use for this purpose brought from the street wheels and twigs can not be, because on them may show as the eggs of parasites, which will lead to distortion of the results of the analysis.

I have to wash?

If during the collection of urine for analysis, it is necessary to wash, to exclude interference in the biological material of secretions and microflora, love on the genitals, then in the collection of the feces for the analysis on eggs a worm wash is not recommended.

Certain types of deworming (pinworms) lay their eggs around the anus, also in the back alley could stay the eggs of worms from a previous stool.

During the passage of fecal masses, which can end in the first portion of the biological material, thereby increasing the probability of detection wormNoah parasitic disease.


How to properly collect feces for analysis?

Defecation is necessary in a clean and dry pot or a boat. It is not allowed to "sniff out" the material from the water into the toilet. Also it is necessary to ensure that the stool does not have urine, emptying the bladder should be at the other place.

The fence material is manufactured from a few places feces: from the initial length, from the middle or end, surface and depth. A stool sample for analysis should be approximately equal to the largest of the walnuts.
Immediately after collection, the packaging should be tightly close to the material is not dry.

How it is possible to induce defecation?

The physiological processes is not always possible to control the consciousness, to the intestine emit waste products, the first requirement is almost impossible. The easiest to collect feces for analysis on eggs of worms to those people who are accustomed to emptying of the intestine in the morning after waking up, because the lab usually accept biological material for examination in the morning.

For stimulation of the colon to defecation is not recommended to apply an enema, anal plugs, because it reduces the likelihood of obtaining reliable results of the analysis on the jajce-worm, which even without it is not too high.

Get the morning defecation naturally possible, following the following instructions:

  1. After waking up, drink a glass of lukewarm water;
  2. After 15-20 minutes of breakfast;
  3. If during the 20 minutes after the breakfast you will not want to use the bathroom, perform a light self-massage of the abdomen and exercises to strengthen the peristalsis of the intestines.

Self-massage of the abdomen is performed while lying on your back. Losing the belly, produce, stroking around the navel in a spiral, the direction of movement – on the move clockwise. More comfortable to do it, the jaws of the fingers in a fist.

After the massage, do the following exercise to stimulate the colon to empty:

  • Standing on all fours, engage and relax the abdomen;
  • Lying on your back, pull your knees to the chin, and then return to the starting position.

If all the above measures did not bring the action, then it means that the material for the analysis of the need to collect in advance.

But before proceeding to the next section of this article, and find out how much you can save cal on the eggs of the worm, remember, recommended the above methods is to improve the peristalsis of the intestines. Applying it daily, you will quickly train your body on a regular morning bowel movements, which certainly will be very beneficial for your health.

How many it is possible to save the translated material?

Save a sample of the material for the analysis on eggs a worm to be in a tightly closed container, tied in a plastic bag in a refrigerator at +6-10°As In the such storage of the cal does not dry up, the eggs of worms, if they are available in the sample, is not vido-changes and will be available for the identity. Storage time should not exceed 8-12 hours.


How is carried out a survey of the material in the lab?

To determine the presence of eggs of worms in the stool, as well as their kinds are applied the following methods of laboratory research:

  1. Self-promotion. In this method, the material is stirred with water, approved and drained the liquid fraction in the duma. So, how do they do it several times. The eggs and fragments of deworming have a higher specific gravity, so always stay in the upsetting. After multiple times of flushing material sediment visible under a microscope for the presence of parasites.
  2. In elutriation. This method is used to identify the fragments worming. From the provided analysis of the sample produces a semi-fluid mass, place it on a cup of Petra's and pulling out a pair of tweezers bright particles, perceive under a magnifying glass or a microscope. This way you can identify the fragments of the deworming and to determine their species.
  3. Native piece. In this method, under the microscope, examining only one drop of the emulsion obtained by diluting the feces with water. It allows you to detect the eggs of worms and protozoa, parasites. But when their small number in the given material, they can just get into a studied drop, for which the negative result of the analysis may prove to be false.
  4. A thick piece. This method is more informative, because it allows you to examine a larger amount of material, compared with other methods. A sample about the size of a pea is placed on the workload of the essential glass and pressed against the transparent polymer plate is immersed into the liquid. For over an hour, the sample acquires the necessary level of transparency and examined under a microscope. This method is considered to be the most progressive, his credibility is around 85%.

Analysis of feces on the jajce-worm any of these method doesn't take long, the result can be ready in the course of storage. The delay, usually are associated with overload of the laboratories.

What might be the deciphering of the result of the analysis?

The study of feces for the eggs de-worming can prove only the presence or absence of parasites replicating in the digestive tract: round and tapeworm, gill. For the identification of other helminthiasys, for example, echinococcosis, apply linked immunosorbent assay in the blood (ELISA).

If eggs and pieces of worms in a given material is not detected, then it is the result of the analysis in decoding will be negative. However, a negative result does not guarantee the lack of parasitic infestations.

If after handover of the analysis of feces on the jajce-worm deciphering contains a positive result in relation to any de-worming (or more), then their availability is not a doubt, the causes, and the patient is assigned to treatment.

In addition to the wormNoah parasitic disease, with the help of analysis of feces may be diagnosed with infection of protozoa micro-organisms: Giardia, dysenteric amoebas, cyclosporine.

What to do when identifying helminthiasya?

If the analysis of feces on the jajce-worm showed the presence in the body of a parasite, then in any case can not refuse treatment. In addition, helminthiasis can become an obstacle to achieving the goal of income on work or study, equipment for a child in preschool institutions, more health books, and so on, it can cause serious damage to the health.

Parasites of man living his life juices, collects energy. In addition, that lowers immunity, which can lead to the development of more serious diseases.


Inadmissible is also and self. Antiparasitic devices are characterized by high toxicity. Although the view of the parasite known, the dosage of the drug, active against him, must be connected only by a physician, taking into account all the physical data and the condition of the patient. Treatment should take place under the supervision of a specialist, otherwise you may experience serious complications, caused by toxic action of anthelmintic remedies.

Also do not forget that the eggs of worms are easily transmitted through objects of daily necessities, in personal contacts. So, when it is detected parasitic infestations in humans, it is necessary examination and, if necessary, treatment of the other members of his family, including the pets.

How often do you donate the analysis?

Usually the analysis of feces on the jajce-worm gives up one, when enrolled in preschool, and common name, to work, to the hospital, sanatorium, in the processing of the help to visit the pool, but also during the passage of the clinical examination.