Worms in children: symptoms, treatment and prevention

The danger of the penetration of worms in the body accompanies a person from the first days of life. Adults, seniors, children, and youth infection via hands, food and water. The problems worm infestations is easily confused with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Upon the occurrence of the symptoms in babies important to pass the tests and it seems, your doctor. How to pull out the worms in a child?

worms in the body

From what appears worms in children

The eggs of worms from the group of de-worming they get into our body through water and food. The basic causes of the appearance of worms – drink unwashed fruit and vegetables. Dirty hands, neproverennye food, polluted water, flies – all is dangerous. Tape worms they get along with infected meat and biotech are transmitted through the skin in contact with dirty surface (if it's like the hunt on the ground). When consuming these products inside can occur enterobiasis (pinworms size of up to 2 cm). Roundworm are transmitted via animals.

Than dangerous

Helminths in children are dangerous, by depriving the body of nutrients. Worms feed on useful elements and produce waste of life that have toxic effects: it can lead to the development of allergic reactions. Before dangerous worms in the tissues of the internal organs? If parasites in children attached to a canvas, then it is violated the integrity of the walls, which can cause bleeding, various diseases (blockage of the intestine), the deterioration of well-being (common disease ARI, ARI). A threat to life constitute the helminths in the lungs.

Types of worms in children

In a child's body can start to parasites are smaller in size as well as large. The incubation period of helminthiasis can range from 1 to 1.5 months. It is very important to correctly determine the type of deworming, after all, this will depend on what drugs to take. The most common types of worms in children:

  • tape worms: cestodes, dwarf tapeworm, the tapeworm, Echinococcus;
  • ringed worms: Annelid;
  • roundworms: Trichinella, pinworms, vlasoglavy, hookworm, roundworm;
  • koljuchegolovye worms: skrebni;
  • flat worms: flukes, luck.

How to know whether the baby worms

Many parents are wondering how to find the worms. Laboratory diagnosis helps to recognize the disease, and is a reliable way to determine the helminthiasis. Thanks to the identification of assault immediately prescribed a course of drug therapy, which helps protect the baby from unpleasant consequences. In some cases to diagnose the disease can be visually: in the stool appear worms. In damage of organism helminthiasis can celebrate the listed below symptoms:

  • more frequent headache or dizziness;
  • grinding teeth in sleep (bruxism);
  • severe fatigue;
  • digestive disorders (constipation or loose stools);
  • excess enhance appetite, or its complete absence;
  • painful sensations in the area of the navel or across the abdomen.
the causes of worms

Analysis of blood

For prevention, the yearly analysis on intestinal worms in children, especially if the child goes to the garden or to school. The main advantage of the ELISA analysis of the blood on the eggs of worms – detection of deworming at an early stage. In the implementation of ELISA is the need to eat or drink for approximately 8 hours, the domestic use of water in small quantities. Early morning fasting blood is taken from a vein. Doctors are investigating the presence of antibodies to the parasites. Antibodies – proteins of immunoglobulin a, which is formed when appears in the body of parasites. Detection of protein in the results of the analysis speak about the disease.

Can be worms in infants

Parasites may appear, and for years children. Infect is likely in childbirth, or as older children, and through the contact way of infection (hands). The situation is complicated by the fact that infants do not have a strong immunity. Their body is not able to withstand the burden in the form of parasites and completely twice stronger than an adult. Worms in infants (8-12 months) may also occur in artificial formula. Doctors say that the best prevention against infestation – feeding breast milk.

Symptoms of worms in children

Each variety deworming is characterized by its typical symptoms, but can distinguish the common symptoms of worms in children, among which issue are: anxiety, irritability, paleness and dryness of the skin. The child begins when they appear circles under the eyes. I watch them, parents should seek medical help until it is too late. Among the symptoms of helminthiases excludes:

  • the lack of body weight;
  • in the area of the anus is redness;
  • fever;
  • dry cough, colds not;
  • abdominal pain, headache.

The first symptoms

To detect parasitic infections is not easy. The child's parents should notify the changes in the behavior: it seems like, restless and alarmed, may be present weakness, there are noticeable skin rashes, decreases immunity, impairs the appetite, or rises strongly. Early manifestations of helminthiasis are violations of the chair, manifesting then diarrhea, then constipation. Other first symptoms of worms in a child:

  • sudden nausea;
  • enlarged salivation during sleep;
  • bouts of pain in the abdomen of uncertain localization;
  • in the area of the anus will start itching (pinworms);
  • quick fatigue;
  • bad sleeping.


The temperature in worms in children is the main symptom of infestation, but is considered to be an accompanying symptom. Why the temperature rises? If it is in the body of the present ascariasis (infestation of parasitic round worm), then the eggs observed in the organs and tissues. Their huge number of causes of inflammatory processes, in which there is febrile state. The temperature during round worms due to the muscle pain and facial swelling. The temperature at the worms crawling into low-grade, i.e. up to 37-37,2°C.


Worm infestations in children may cause vomit foam mass of white color. The process develops gradually. The initial phase of the disease lasts for 3 weeks. It will also appear dry cough, skin rashes, like hives. Arises vomiting when the worms in the child, along with other unpleasant symptoms: excessive secretion of saliva, restlessness and nausea. At the first appearance of a white ball gag foam spend analysis of feces for the detection of traces of worm eggs.

symptoms of worms


For many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract characterized by the same symptoms, as in worm infestations. The patient may appear constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. Parasites uncomfortable acts on the mucous membrane of the large intestines, there is inflammation and diarrhea in worms in a child. A reliable indicator of worms is a constant feeling of hunger. The first thing you need to do when such a flag, so it's the feel of the gut. When helminthiasis palpation causes pain, you can find out the location of the worms.

Treatment of worms in children

Upon the occurrence of the symptoms is you need to lead your child to the doctor. Pediatrician pre-carry out the examination, will prescribe the direction for examination, prescribe the scheme of treatment on the basis of medical history, the child's age, weight, extent of infestation. There are a number of effective drugs against the settled in the body of parasites. Deworming in children can occur medicine and folk methods.


Before the standard scheme of treatment it is necessary to perform preparatory steps. For this pediatrician assigns vegetable oils and harmless sorbents. With their help the body is deprived of the infectious products of the worms and removes toxins. Duration of the preparatory phase varies from five to seven days, after which, together with the feces comes out part of the parasitic worms. Who stays, waiting for therapy against worms drugs that can cure the disease. How to deal with parasitic worms in 3 stages:

  1. The preparatory process consists of reception, 1 hr. l. before meals flax oil three times a day and sorbent per 1 tablet after a meal.
  2. Then they go tablet from worms for children, prescribed by a doctor.
  3. After the fight enter hepatoprotectors for keeping the liver.

Drugs against worms for children

How to check and bring the worms in a child? You need to turn to a pediatrician, who will help select effective drugs. Common drugs from worms for the kids to have a paralytic effect on the muscles of the parasites, leading to their destruction, and they are characterized by a broad spectrum of activities.

Folk remedies

The wide popularity of the folk methods of treatment is not caused by the destructive and mild action on the human body, unlike pharmacy drugs. In exile worming you need to be sure that the person has an allergy to grass or individual intolerance of the composition, in the opposite case, the treatment can damage. What to give a child from worms and how to fight them off? Phyto-therapeutic treatment of worms in children folk methods is carried out with the participation of the beneficial effect of the infusions and decoctions of the following plants:

  • tansy;
  • garlic;
  • dandelion root;
  • red clover;
  • that yarrow;
  • thyme;
  • the root of calamus;
  • wormwood.


Treatment drugs you necessarily need to combine with diet at worms in children are designed for early conclusion of parasitic worms. A healthy children's diet from worms is different from the adult, is more yogurts that contain fruit pieces and berries. Take care to exclude from the diet of harmful products, soda, sweets. Examples of the diet against worms:

  1. How to get rid of the tapeworm (tapeworm wide, bullish or pig tapeworm) you daily consumption of pumpkin seeds for 7 days on an empty stomach.
  2. Liver cleanse parasites diet with the use of rice broth, corn, or pumpkin porridge, berries, vegetables, fruit.
  3. Remove manifestations of helminthiasis in the blood you nuts, black bread (scabs), sea kale.

Prevention of helminths in children

prevention of worms

The main prevention of worm invasion lies in the observance of the right measures of personal hygiene. Not all adults can monitor themselves, and that talk about children? Duty of parents – to learn and habituate on the little man to personal safety, which serves the preventive measures not only from the worms. To reduce the risk of parasitic infection with worms, it should be:

  • before eating wash your hands;
  • pour over boiling water, or just wash the fit to the table, fruits, vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, herbs;
  • drink only boiled, mineral or purified water, rather than raw;
  • they have quality products;
  • defend yourself against insects;
  • no, bathe in unfamiliar places, especially in summer.