Worms in children

Worms in children – a fairly common phenomenon, because they are more susceptible to environmental influences, and helminths into their body, they get dirty hands, across the sand, and poorly washed foods (vegetables and fruits). Some helminths are transmitted through blood mother to child in the womb, and so already appear on the light with the parasites, who are with him in the intestines or other organs of digestion.

Symptoms of worms in children
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Folk medicine

Unfortunately, parents don't have any chance to protect their child from this trouble, as in a child, the worms may appear after being purchased in a polluted swimming pool, Pat yard, a cat or a dog, will eat not wash the apple and so on From a sick child to the healthy only eggs as the worm parasites, such as pinworms, and the dwarf tapeworm – infestation of other worms requires the maturation of these eggs in the worms intermediate host (cats, dogs, cattle, fish and so on). So the infestation of other worms may occur when the consumption of baby meat or other products of infectious animals, or in direct contact with them.

In one word, worms in children is difficult to avoid, and even if parents from an early age to teach a child to observe the rules of personal hygiene, it is still a child can shed the infection, communicates with the children on the playground, play in the yard or in kindergarten, etc.

Most often, worms in children are detected in the newborn and smaller pre-school age. It is connected with insufficient development of the immune system and the barrier function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Prevention of worm invasion (infection and dissemination) should be adhering to these simple actions:

  • washing hands after walking on the street;
  • prevention of close contact of the child with the homeless animals (and sometimes even domestic, if it is suspected that they helminths);
  • regular cleaning in the house with the removal of the dust and wash the sex;
  • thorough washing of fruits and vegetables before ingesting, but also the complete thermal processing of foods such as meat, fish and so on

It is also the prevention of the spread of de-worming is available for each member of the family of his articles hygiene – towel, soap. It is also important to use individual spoons, vienna, cups and other cutlery.



Symptoms of worms in children can be obvious or hidden. According to estimates of experts, 8 out of 10 children infected with worms, however, in most cases, the symptoms of the disease does not manifest. This does not mean that helminths pose for children in danger. On the contrary, the latent form of the disease, when symptoms are not zero, it is even more dangerous. Firstly, because in a child's body may be the processes, which cause severe complications on the background of worm infestations, and secondly because such a child can be a source of infection for the surroundings (children, parents), because of which the infection can spread rapidly.

If you have discovered worms in children the symptoms of the pathology first, will wear a clinical character. Such a child will complain of:

  • distraction;
  • weakness;
  • lethargy;
  • irritability;
  • moodiness.

In most cases these symptoms of worms in children, parents are taken for a complex character, trying to re-educate the child or to apply a corrective method. More specific symptoms causing worm infestations in an active period of reproduction, in the period of migration in the body, as well as in cases where the cause of the occurrence of complications in the baby.

Of course, every kind of deworming, they can call their own specific symptoms. For example, is the main symptom in pinworm – severe itching in the anal area, which arises in the night. But there are symptoms, which are inherent to all kinds of de-worming, among which are:

  • breach of night sleep, tooth gnashing (in the night);
  • digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, mucus in the stool, blood in the stool, and so on);
  • cramps pain in the navel area (this area is a place of localization of the majority of deworming);
  • skin reactions in the form of atopic dermatitis.

Understand that the baby worms can also be in the presence of a cough, is not bound to a cold disease, on the background of well-being (sometimes in the migration of certain types of de-worming the body), nausea and vomiting, bloating, and, of course, when leaving the parasite along with the fecal masses, which can be seen with the naked eye.

It may seem that the damage caused by worms the child's body is not too pronounced, and so cure the disease optional (mole, helminths themselves will perish with time). In fact, however, to consider the question of how to derive the worms in children, it is necessary as soon as possible – as soon as there appeared the first symptoms. After all, in the opposite case, there is a risk that the child will lag behind in physical and mental development, and also that he develop any complications from the appendicitis and the ending of acute intestinal obstruction or even perforation of the intestine. In addition, according to the doctors, more than half of all skin diseases in children are the result of the presence in their bodies of parasites, the treatment of which is not carried out.

It is necessary to draw attention to several groups of symptoms, depending on the worming, parasitic in the body of the child. So, if there is a child in the body of the living worms of the class hookworm (roundworm), the symptoms will be similar to the above, but in the other helminthiasis can be another specific symptoms, which should orientate the treatment. So, if whipworm and trihozefaleze in children observed disorders stool, with the proportion of blood and mucus in it. Also noted bloating, vomiting, delay of mental development of a child under the age of.

When opisthorchiasis in the child temperature increases up to sub-febrile indicators, skin rashes appear, increase in lymph nodes and liver. Also it will be pain in the abdomen and right hypochondrium, nausea and vomiting, disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system. Against this background, worm infestations, if not treated in time, may develop severe pancreatitis and other complications.

When the toxocariasis, which occurs in children under 4 years of age, children suffering from a significant allergic cough, they appear itchy rash on the skin, and also affects the lungs, joints, liver and many other organs. If the disease is not treated in time, the probability of the occurrence of irreversible damage to the eye from chorioretinitis, keratitis and other serious disorders.


Diagnosis and treatment

Set most of the helminths, possible delivery analysis of feces. There is a superficial study, of a kind used in the enterobiasis (scraping) and in-depth study of feces for the eggs of worms. Accompanying the survey is the analysis of feces for dysbiosis. And also is appointed as the general analysis of blood.

In some cases, it is shown the study of blood DNA of these or other types of de-worming. But this analysis is expensive and not always justified, because the DNA can long time to persist in the blood, and therefore, even if the child is not worms, the analysis can be positive, if once sick, one or another worm invasion.

Treatment involves the use of a tablet from worms in children. Unfortunately, drugs that destroy worming, have a very high toxic effects on the whole organism, therefore this treatment is justified only in cases of confirmed diagnosis of helminths. The medication of worms in children are divided into several groups, each of which acts on certain kinds of deworming.

As already it was told above, the medications from worms for the kids to pick up the doctor with regard to several properties. It determines what drugs have the most destructive effect on those or other worm infestations, and also what medications causes the least damage to the body of the child, helping him in the shortest possible time to get rid of the disease and severe symptoms.

The treatment, which allows to get rid of worms, is usually carried out in two stages – preparations are taking one more time after two weeks after the first course of income that is associated with the cycle of development and reproduction of many parasites, and the inability to destroy their eggs, when they are in a non-active state. Unfortunately, in some cases to get rid of deworming is only possible with the help of surgery, for example, when there was a blockage of the lumen of the intestine and developed a bowel obstruction.

Methods of folk medicine in the fight with the worms

There are numerous folk techniques, which allow you to get rid of the worms in the shortest possible time, without compromising on the health of the child. Of course, folk methods, it is necessary to use with caution – best to consult with the attending physician, to understand, suits the one or the other means of folk medicine from the worms for the kids (with regard to peculiarities of their organism and state of health).

People's techniques that allow you to get rid of parasites, are suitable as very young children, and older guys. So, the treatment of parasites in the body of infants, can be performed in the following manner: preparation of the hot garlic broth and used as mikroklizm for the child. Or newborn suitable even as a folk medicine treatment of parasites in the body, such as:

    Carrot juice
  • introduction cloves of garlic back passage when pinworm;
  • carrot juice-use an empty stomach with honey;
  • an enema with a decoction of garlic in warm milk.

Unfortunately, for infants ways to get rid of pinworms folk remedies is not so much, because they banned the intake of the many products that they have on worming destructive impact. But for children, the elderly, as well as for adults, folk ways are numerous and effective, among them:

  • drink the infusion of wormwood with milk;
  • a decoction of elecampane and celandine in equal proportions;
  • intake a fasting hemp oil;
  • consumption of pumpkin seeds.