Treatment treatment of the human body from parasites

Before looking for the answer to the question, how to get rid of parasites in the body the cure rate, it is important to know what kinds of pathogens, de-worming, are present in the intestines. Worm invasion expanded throughout the world. Folk remedies can provide the appropriate treatment. To prevent the transition to chronic phase and avoid relapse parasites to remove with medication.

parasites in the body

Treatment against parasites

Unwanted worms have a number of characteristics that allow them to multiply rapidly, cause allergic reactions, diseases of the walls of the intestines, to find new victims and will gradually poison the body management of their life. Cleansing from parasites it is worth it to produce immediately, while the body has lost all the nutrients. Physicians-infectious diseases have developed a comprehensive treatment, which helps to etch the parasites. When you use these or other anti-parasitic actions accounted for the following factors, which can be identified for diagnosis in the clinic:

  • duration of the infection;
  • intensity;
  • the frequency of infestation of tissue of the organs;
  • the level of intoxication.

Homeopathy is one of the ways to get rid of worms. Therapy does not have side effects and not aimed at the destruction of the worms, and to strengthen the defensive forces of the organism. For personal advice you need to turn to homeopaths. How to get rid of parasites in the body with drugs? In the classic version of treatment of worm infestation medium severity uses a scheme of medical therapy in 3 stages:

  1. The human body and all the internal organs carefully prepared to the process of the excretion of worms. Together with the intake of drugs, linking the toxins that you are taking vegetable oils (linseed, pumpkin).
  2. Main phase – the intake of anthelmintic remedies. The most effective of these has a negative impact on the body, but destroys the pathological environment, creates unbearable for the life of worms the conditions.
  3. Recovery after active drugs. Important after the course absolve the function of the digestive system, build on the work of the lungs, liver and kidney, enhance immunity, normalize metabolism of trace elements and vitamins. Normalize the functioning of liver will help to a drug, which has in the composition of the active substance of milk thistle.

A remedy for parasites in the human body

To date, pharmacists have developed a drug drugs that are safe for the health of the pulling of worms. Another advantage of of drugs from plant resources is the ability to clearly restricted to a certain type of worms. De-worming drugs are divided into two groups: the directional (operates on certain groups of deworming) and medicine against parasites a wide range of.

Tablets against parasites

Choose effective drugs against parasites for humans can only a doctor. Depending on the type of parasite, the doctor will prescribe the correct scheme of treatment. Children of preschool and school age the most troubled pinworms and giardia, but because the young organism is not able to cope with the strong medication, prescribe light on the action and safe drugs against parasites in the human body.

treatment of parasites

Adults are more susceptible to the penetration into the body of the cestodes, nematodes and trematodes. For their removal it is necessary to determine the place of localization and the appearance of one of the three basic types of deworming. If the penetration of worms in the intestinal area did not happen, then you need to buy at the pharmacy antiparasitic drugs in the human body.


Roundworms can erase from the body using a special tablet from the nematodes. Active substance of drugs does not rule out the larvae and eggs, and fills only the adult individuals. Based on this, the doctor prescribes after 2-3 weeks repeat during the treatment. After 5 hours after taking the drug the patient to give an enema with potassium permanganate, which can be replaced with a laxative of sulphate of magnesia or vegetable resources (the rhubarb or the seine).

How to get rid of deworming, the specialist will prescribe the patient with oxygen therapy – a holistic therapy, which consists in the introduction of oxygen into the colon which forces them to clean the area naturally. Women, they found pinworms, it should be promptly treated because they can get into the vagina and cause unpleasant disease.


Flat worms or lucky to bring together many species. Issue 2 forms of parasitism trematodes: acute and chronic. The patient never leaves the unpleasant symptoms, manifested as skin rashes, abdominal pain, indigestion and a slight fever. If it is together with the infection this type of worming specialist reveals a bacterial infection, then it is assigned a complex treatment, involving cleansing of the body and receiving a course of antibiotics. What pills from parasites the most effective?


To this group of parasites, such as tapeworms, worms, belongs to the broad tapeworm, bovine, porcine, or dwarf tapeworm. Some types of data de-worming are not excreted in the first drug aware and are resistant to the tablets from the cestodes. In most cases, kill parasites lacking a single use of drugs, but, if necessary, the doctor prescribes to repeat the course. The dosage of the drug is calculated on the basis of the body weight of the patient to prevent overdose.

When helminthiasis to get rid of worms can help surgery. The parasite is cut, if it is localized under the skin, and medicines do not bring the desired results. A complete cleaning of the body from the cestodes can testify to the output out of the head and neck helminth (tapeworm). If not, it's a flat worm is growing again.

Drops from parasites to humans

It is shown that the drops against parasites for humans have less negative side effects and will not have such a devastating effect on the body than the tablets against worms, medicinal components, which are not excreted completely absorbed into the body. The active substance contained in the drops, fully go along with the fecal masses and in the urine. Thanks to the gentle method of neutralization of parasites, the treatment treatment drops indicated a child or a person with a chronic disease.

Chelators for cleaning

Group of drugs, which has the ability to form ties and eliminated through the adsorption and / or absorption of endogenous and exogenous substances, the so-called "chelators". All the related components without damage to health, are excreted with the feces. Cleansing the colon of parasites is by using enterosorbents. There are many names of medicines, to understand them under the force only of doctors. On the basis of the size of the molecules and the sorption capacity of the specialist may prescribe one of these effective drugs.

enzymes against parasites


Replacement enzymatic therapy necessarily prescribed by an infectious disease after the body of the patient is released from the parasites. To restore the intestinal microflora is needed urgently: toxic breakdown products of life of pathogenic micro-organisms and powerful drugs could not be displayed on the delicate and vulnerable walls of the stomach. In order to accelerate the process of stabilization, improve the digestive function and absorption of nutrients applied the following enzymes for the restoration of the intestine.

Vitamin therapy

After a successful course of action on the removal of parasitic worms, if possible, saturate the body with lost nutrients, than to successfully help vitamin therapy. When hypovitaminosis decreases the body's ability to resist re-infection and restore power after the previous. Vitamins are essential for the synthesis of new cells, the revitalization of the education energy in the cells, improving digestion. All the effort is worth it to send to strengthen the immune system, a weakened worm invasion. They will help you in these vitamins:

  • retinol (And);
  • pyridoxine (B6);
  • tocopherol (E);
  • riboflavin (B2);
  • ascorbic acid (S);
  • niacin (PP).