Worms in the faeces and eggs worming

Worms in the stool are parasites, which may have an adverse effect both on the body of an adult, so the child. But most strongly exposed to the risk of infection all the kids, so how exactly have weaker immunity and vain curiosity. So the worms in the stool or eggs of parasites, most often it can appear just in children.

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Can say with certainty that worms are or were for each of us, therefore it is necessary to know what kind of damage can cause a person and how they look. It is important to remember that early detection and diagnose the parasites, is the key to a quick deliverance from them.

Classification of worms, parasitic in humans

In the world there are more than three hundred worms, which can hit a person. One can distinguish three classes or groups of 3, which carry the danger.

Roundworms, or as they are often called — hookworm

According to the title, hookworm visually they look like the rounded parasites at the ends pointy.

  • roundworm — a bright representative of suck. These helminths are similar to the spindle, females can reach approximately 40-50 centimeters, the males are much smaller. The danger of these worms lies in the fact that they do not live only in the intestines, parasites, travels along the intestines, is stunning and other internal organs. Roundworm have a transparent, almost unnoticeable taurus. The color of the adult can be yellow-red. Eggs of Ascaris often occur in the stool, but that doesn't mean that it can be easy to detect;
  • whipworm — a small worm off-white shades. Often, this kind of worms is found in calais for an adult or child. The parasite prefers to be in the rectum, respectively, and the egg is issued applies here, that may allow to correctly diagnose;
  • Trichinella can reach the floor a centimeter in length, it is difficult to say how it looks in calais, because this kind of parasite is laying eggs. This kind of worm is viviparous, the larvae after the birth of the posted throughout the body through blood vessels, borne by the capsules and they die after a few years;
  • pinworms look like small worms of length up to a centimeter, have a grayish-white color. It is almost impossible to come across the eggs of worms of this type in the fecal among the masses, because women are crawling out of the anus at night to lay their eggs in the skin folds. In rare cases, the worms lay their eggs on the bed. By the way, adults are sometimes going along with the feces, it is easy to notice even with the naked eye.

Tape worms or cestodes

They have elegant appearance and are more similar to a flat tape. Data worms can develop only in the human body. The eggs of flat worms in the form of capsules should get out with the feces, in order to then penetrate into the soil or into the water. The larvae need to be further development in the fish or animal health.

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  • broad tapeworm — one of the largest worms, which can exist in an individual. Often it grows to gigantic proportions, around 15-20 meters, himself a worm curls up into a ball, to climb out. Infection occurs only through fish products, for example meat, fish or through the spawn. Every day is an adult individual may separate about a million eggs, that go along with fecal masses. The eggs of worms look in calais are oval capsule with a yellow-brown tint. Each egg has a bump on one side and on the other has a cap;

Flukes or worms good luck

There is the order of the three thousand worms of this class, but many of them are not attacking the human body. Their main feature — it's the spikes and suckers, which are laid inside the organs, especially the intestines, sucking blood. What they look like worms in the faeces of this group? They can reach up to eight inches in length, most often their body looks as a flat sheet, which can be easily attached to the surface and remains in the solid state.

  • siberian happiness or cat Fluke —he prefers to serve in a cat body. This type of worms has the oblong shape, of a length more than one and a half inches, with a width of approximately a little over a millimeter. The eggs of this parasite are already finished larva, which along with the feces comes out. For the further development of the eggs must get into water such as a lake or river;
  • lung Fluke more often it occurs in asian countries, so how are they transmitted these worms through the fish, crabs and other inhabitants of the seas and lakes. These worms prefer to live in the lungs, the eggs can be found in the feces or saliva of a sick person. After leaving out the need to get into the water, directly to the infection does not occur. The eggs of the lung Fluke have a reddish color, so the saliva of the patient often has a rusty hue.
  • liver happiness also belongs to the flat worms. It is quite dangerous worm, which can significantly worsen the condition of the infected person. To detect these worms in the faeces is not possible during half of the year. The eggs of the worm have an oval shape — it is a large capsule, which on the one side of the bump.

Worms in stool: photo

It is possible to notice the eggs of worms in the feces?

If you are wondering what they look like worms in the stool, child or adult, it is hard to figure out without a magnifying instrument. In rare cases, may appear only particles of dead worms or even live worms, but the eggs of parasites to discern the almost impossible.

This is the reason why in-vitro for detection of worms, experts use microscopes and special staining substances. So there is no hope, that you will be able to see the worms in a small child or for yourself without a visit to the clinic. Theoretically, the presence of parasites can indicate some of the symptoms.

The main symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body

In the initial stages, it is impossible to determine, whether it is for an adult or child's parasites. Even the medical examination and the collection of individual samples for examination may not have one hundred percent guarantee the availability of the parasites. Parasites needs time, but immunity may make it clear that the body intruded uninvited guests: usually for a few hours or days after infection, sharply rising temperature, a rash and irritation on the skin, or begins to diarrhea and vomiting. Exactly, the immunity it gives to understand that he is trying to fight with the parasites.

Symptoms wormNoah parasitic disease after the defeat of the human body:

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  • discomfort in the abdominal area, you may experience sharp pain, particularly after eating;
  • often occurs diarrhea, so are the intestine releases large amounts of fluids to get rid of harmful substances worms;
  • can occur intestinal obstruction, constipation appear after the worm of the large size of the overlaps of the intestine and doesn't pass fecal masses;
  • nausea or vomiting, most often after a meal, especially if you don't like it wormam;
  • allergic reactions usually appear on the skin in form of rashes and itching, if a person harms your skin, then it is a high risk of developing secondary infection;
  • the reduction of body weight or, conversely, excessive obesity. Worms have a negative impact on the metabolism, taking away all the useful substances, so the person only scraps. But infect can either lose your appetite or, on the contrary, constantly wants to eat, without knowing the measures;
  • headaches, irritability and dizziness often occur as a result of increased intoxication, because the harmful substances excreted with the worms, mixed with blood, of which suffer from the nervous system;
  • temperature, or even fever is also associated with intoxication of the body, adult worms are often die, exacerbating the situation;
  • fatigue or chronic fatigue are also the result of the impact of worms on the nervous system;
  • possible itching in the anus, a symptom often manifests itself in the presence of pinworms;
  • coughing, dry, so even with a high content of mucus, in which are the eggs of parasites.

Treatment — how to get rid of worms in the body of a child or an adult

After the detection of worms in the stool, patient it is necessary to turn to the hospital, where the doctor-Parasitology performs all the necessary tests and will reveal the degree of development of helminthiasis, and also a kind of de-worming, that hit a child or an adult.

  1. First, it is appropriate to weaken the parasites, for example, diet. You cannot consume fatty, bitter and sweet. It is recommended to drink as much mineral water, an adult is not recommended to drink alcohol a few days before the start of treatment.
  2. It is now named income the main drug that gets rid of a person from parasites.

There are other effective drugs that can be used in the fight with the worms. For each drug, its active substance, it can variously operate on children and adults, therefore, before ingesting it should be a consultation with a doctor, or better yet, if you do it yourself prescribe treatment after conducting a survey.

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After taking the drug creates a strong effect in intoxication, which can lead to vomiting, rise in temperature and fever, especially in a child (due to weak immunity). Many doctors after taking the medication from worms recommend to take active either white coal, also will suit and a different sorbent. These drugs cleanse the colon and the body of the dead parasites, without the effect of intoxication is dissipated throughout the body.

After the treatment has ended, it is recommended to undergo the treatment: the worms stunned many organs, and now it is necessary to restore immunity. In this case, the person to prescribe the intake of vitamin complexes, you can drink carrot juice, you start to eat more fruit. And, most importantly, kept from re-infection with worms that can hurt you even more immature immunity after recovery.