Cleaning the organism from parasites: to get from uninvited guests

The number of parasites in the surroundings of man, is comparable with the viruses and bacteria. Penetrate into the body through the mouth, skin, respiratory system. Each year will reveal about a million cases of helminths. Most often, children fall sick, due to the characteristics of hygienic behaviour and failure of the protective properties. Cleansing from them is not a big problem. We will tell about the most effective ways.

parasites in the body

How to recognize them?

Objective diagnosis of parasitic diseases difficult due to the imperfections of laboratory methods. Analysis of stool for ova of worms often turn out to be negative, but this does not confirm lack of infection. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms by which it is possible to have parasites:

  1. General symptoms — malaise, weakness, reduced appetite, rapid fatigue. Formed by intoxication food life worming.
  2. Decreased appetite and weight loss. Sometimes a man, on the contrary, experiencing constant hunger.
  3. Gastrointestinal disorders: nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, change in constipation, a little pain in the abdomen. These symptoms are not permanent. Often a person "writes" their errors in the diet and not drawn to the doctor.
  4. Decrease in immunity, which manifests itself in frequent colds and exacerbation of chronic persistent infections. Are characteristic of the common herpes rash on the lips, which is a clear sign of reduction in the resistance of the organism.
  5. Allergic manifestations: rashes on the type of urticaria, dry cough at night, runny nose and more. For the body the parasites are foreign agents, so the immune system responds to them rejection. Produced antibodies can "confuse" the protein molecules worming with proteins, arriving with food. Then occurs an allergic reaction.
  6. Disorders of the nervous system. Total intoxication does not pass unnoticed for the nerve cells. The person becomes irritable, nervous, sleeps poorly.
  7. Hypovitaminosis: a bundle of nails, brittle and hair loss, dry skin. Helminths "Rob" a person, eat it with useful substances.

All of the above symptoms are not specific. They are attending many diseases, so helminthiasis often remain unnoticed.

Recently was distributed a preventive approach to the problem. Preventive cleaning is recommended for all patients from the risk groups: children, hunters, people who have pets or contact with them after work.

Where to start cleansing?

Settlement body of the parasites occurs in one day. Often one finds several their species. They violate the work of all organs, especially the liver and kidneys. Massive the fate of foreign substances can lead to severe intoxication and run the mechanisms of autoimmune reactions. It causes serious damage to health and leads in to the intensive care unit. Therefore, it is important the correct approach to cleaning.

Before start destroying deworming, it is necessary to create for them to unfavorable conditions for reproduction and life. For this week starting to stick to the diet:

  • her food, which in themselves deplete the parasites: pineapple, pomegranate, garlic, kale, pumpkin seeds, fruits, herbs, dairy products;
  • refrain from all the dishes, which will "feed" the uninvited guests: meat, fish, milk, sweets, bread, muffin;
  • her a large amount of water;
  • the vegetables and fruit we eat in its raw state;
  • eat often small portions (fractional nutrition).

There are two fundamental approaches to get rid of parasites — medical and folk. Let us dwell on the specifics of each.

tablets against parasites


The fundamental problems of pharmacological therapy lies in the diversity of species of parasites, and toxicity of most drugs.

Treatment is divided into three phases:

  1. Prep — detoxification, elimination of a lack of vitamins and digestive enzymes.
  2. How to get rid of worming and parasite — specific treatment.
  3. Rescue — the second phase of detoxification is for excretion of decay products and of life, restoring the metabolism.

Important! Medicines should not be used without consultation with a doctor.

Folk recipes

The Method Of Hilda Clark

The cleaning Program is effective for deliverance not only from the deworming, but also from other parasites, bacteria, viruses. Use the green shell of walnuts, dried wormwood and powdered clove.

Recipe for tincture of walnut:

  • clear 15 green walnuts;
  • pour the skin rubbing alcohol or vodka (0.5 liters);
  • to reserve for a month in a dark place.

We accept according to the scheme (fasting): in the first day of the drop, dissolve in 100 ml of water and slowly drink it, then every day is added dropwise, from the sixth day the dose is 2 tsp of the tincture. We accept daily throughout the year.

Wormwood grind to a powder and drink growing before dinner: the first two days on half a teaspoon, then two days on the whole tea-spoonful, then after 1.5 hr. l. Then increase the dose once in two days up to 3.5 hr. l. (until the end of the second week). Then in the course of the year to half a teaspoon in the evening.

Powder of cloves in the morning before breakfast (1 dose corresponds to the volume of the peas): first day — 1 dose, second day — 2 doses, from the third day after the 3 dose. From the tenth day of cloves drink for the determination of three times a week for a period of one year (for 3 doses).

The Russian trio no. 1

The method is designed prof Ivanchenko Va Im specially for our latitudes, where the walnuts grow only in the south. It is also the cleansing of the wormwood and cloves with the addition of tansy.

Recipe. Measure: tansy — 100 g, wormwood — 30 g, cloves — 50 g (all the ingredients, pre-convert to a powder). Stir the mixture.

To the recommended dosage. 1 dose is 1.75 g (you'll need to medical weight). For convenience consider the first dose and measures the approximate amount (a teaspoon without slides).

How to take. In the first day drink 1 dose of the mixture in the morning half an hour before a meal. The next day add the reception before dinner. From the third to the seventh day — 3 times a day (before meals). Later in the course of the year we accept vehicle after the 1 dose once a week (for prevention).

The Russian trio no. 2

Cleansing herbs in the same spirit as the previous recipe. The drug is prepared by mixing crushed cumin seeds (1 piece), crushed rhizomes of calamus (1 pc) and crushed the petals of a marigold (2 parts). Store in a glass jar in the dark.

Cleansing pure wormwood

The herb is sold in the pharmacy. Range of use: a teaspoon 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner for 1 month. Then, in the interest of prevention once a week. For the "fight" with the bitter taste of wormwood, the powder poured inside the bread balls and swallow them whole.

garlic against parasites


The medicinal properties of garlic have been known to people long before the invention of antibiotics. With his help ever since the days of Genghis khan was fighting with viruses, bacteria, fungi.

Today is the 3 prescription cleaning the organism from parasites using garlic:

  1. Quick

You will need a jar of peeled garlic that you need to eat at the same time. In the evening before dinner, no later than 18 hours. In 10 hours to eat a salty pickle or some sauerkraut, then the entire dose of garlic, slices removed. Think there is no need. Drink brine or tomato juice. On the second day until noon only eat cucumbers, drink the brine. The substance, which in this case act in the intestines, deadly to all parasites.

  1. Slow

Lies in the daily consumption of the head of garlic, starting from small sizes, gradually increasing it. Just swallow the pieces of garlic whole, to drink the brine, freshly squeezed plum, apple, tomato juice. The first effects are observed already after a week.

  1. Enema

Many people find it difficult to eat large quantities of garlic at once. Then you can resort to an enema. Preparation of the solution: crush 2 cloves, in enameled pots, pour the milk (0.5 l), add 2 articles where tansy and boil for 10 minutes. Cooled decoction filter through a gauze. One procedure goes on the 2 cups. Repeat daily for 1 week.

These ways contraindicated in certain diseases of the stomach and intestines. During the procedure, there may arise an unpleasant odor from the skin, which in time will disappear.

And soda

It is long known that an alkaline environment unusable for the life of the majority of parasites. Enough the introduction of soda solution using an enema (basically live in the large intestine). Only in some lesions (eg, giardiasis), it is necessary to "get" into the small intestine by ingestion of soda inside.

Treatment spending in three steps:

  1. Bowel cleansing with salt water (an enema a mug Esmarch). The volume of the specified water should be less than l (better two), add 1-2 tablespoons of salt. Temperature + kk (22-24 °C). The filling of the intestines should be slow, make the procedure stay painless.
  2. Enema with food and soda. To the boiled water (800 ml) is added a tablespoon of soda and heated to a temperature of 37-40 °With. injected into the colon using mugs Esmarch, but retain the water for longer (subject to availability on half an hour).
  3. The repetition of the normal sweeping enema salt water.

These procedures are carried out for a period of 8-10 days (every day or take breaks). The first enema may be accompanied by minor pain feelings.

Cleaning baking soda

There is a more integrated approach for cleaning the organism from parasites and soda. Offers the creation of alkaline environment is not just in the intestines but also in the blood. Then they die as adults and larvae, eat the blood.

The essence of the method:

  • Cleansing the colon is holding on to the same scheme: a cleansing enema with saline solution, soda enema, the second cleansing enema.
  • First day: dissolve 0.2 of a teaspoon of soda in a glass of cooled boiled water and drink three times a day before meals.
  • The second-fourth day: increase dose by 0.1 hr. l. daily. The value of income persists.
  • Furthermore, the dose of a floor of a teaspoon 3 times a day until the seventh day.

In addition to the alkalinization of the internal environment, and soda has antiseptic properties that reduces the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa caused by the worms.

Hydrogen peroxide

cleansing the body

Helminths can transmit oxygen concentration higher than 11 %. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes in the gut to water and oxygen, which kill not only the roundworms, but even single-celled parasites. In addition, a means to cleanse the colon from toxins and waste substances.

Diagram of intake for an adult is:

  • The use of mineral water and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • 1. day: inside the 1 drop, dissolved in water (50 ml) for half an hour before a meal.
  • Every day increase the dose by one drop, bringing it to 10 drops of the 10-th day.
  • A break for 3 days.
  • If a person feels nausea, repeat the course. We'll start with 10 drops 3 times a day. We take breaks: 3 days to drink, 3 days break, until the total duration of treatment is 21 days.

Intake of hydrogen peroxide ingestion may cause side effects (diarrhea, nausea, rash on the skin and others). In such cases, the treatment is worth the stop. Soda and peroxide considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of parasites, because they create impossible for them conditions of existence.

Potassium permanganate

Potassium sorbate is used as an antiseptic in many diseases. The parasites also die from this media. Another effect — the stimulation of the peristalsis of the intestines, which creates the conditions for the disposal of dead worming and their toxins.

Technology staging an enema standard with the use of mugs Esmarch. Important to dilute the product properly — to the faintly pink color. A large concentration can cause burns and erosions of the mucous membrane. Prior to the enema to make sure that the crystals are well dissolved. Using potassium permanganate pulling not only harmful to animals, the intestines, but also all the accumulated in the body of the waste substances.


The undisputed leader in this group is castor oil. Yet not so long ago the centre of the doctor prescribed medication of castor oil practically at all diseases. It is the source of healthy fatty acids and a great anti-parasite remedy. The only downside — the unpleasant smell and taste.

Tell, how to reduce this problem:

  • Mix with honey, maple syrup or pear nipple (up to 3 dining spoons of oil, add one sweetener). Dissolve everything in 50 ml of water and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Pour the castor oil in enamel dishes from the calculation of 1 ml per 1 kg of weight, we put on the fire. Cooking the juice of a lemon or a grapefruit for zapivaniya. If you quickly drink a heated castor oil and immediately wash down with its citrus juice, the bad taste will not be so noticeable.
  • The recipe specifically for the fight with the parasites: in the evening a light dinner of rice porridge, after 12 hours in the night — a sweet green tea, after a few minutes to drink 50 ml of oil and traveled to sleep. Effect we expect that immediately after waking up. So we can make a few treatments in a row.
  • Mix yogurt and bran on the dining tablespoon and a teaspoon of castor oil. Drink for the night (before the reception is better not to eat 6 hours).

Cleaning the organism from parasites in this way allows you to normalize digestion and lose a few kilograms of excess weight.


It is important to note that when cleaning the organism from parasites occurs increased the burden on the selection system (liver, kidneys) and immunity (to enroll into the blood circulation of toxins). In some cases, treatment in the home environment it is forbidden:

potassium permanganate from the parasites
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • hard to total illnesses: delegated myocardial infarction and stroke brain, heart failure, decompensation of heart any chronic pathology;
  • oncology;
  • acute infectious diseases (influenza, SARS, bronchitis, pneumonia and other).
  • deviations in the work of the liver and kidneys;
  • peptic ulcer gastric erosions and ulcers on the mucous membrane of the intestines the intestines;
  • bleeding (including menstruation in women).

When the deterioration of well-being need to contact the doctor. Hard helminthiasis treated in the hospital, spending the drug detoxification and by that controls the functions of all body systems.