Effective tablets from worms for kids

What tablets from worms for children are effective on the event and the most safe? Insure your life from the disease helminthic invasion is virtually impossible, and not always hygiene and lifestyle will allow you to do. In particular, it is about the kids. Just in toddlers the most commonly detected helminths, and moms begin to panic, not knowing what to do. In the initial stage of the worms practically nothing manifested. Even doctors sometimes do not detect in a timely manner.

Abdominal pain

Symptoms and causes of infection

Children due to an unstable immune system unarmed in front of parasitic diseases. But often only when they appear telltale signs of the presence of parasites, mothers are beginning to sound the alarm and display your kids the experts.

Signs pointing to a possible assault:

  1. pain in the region of the navel;
  2. excessive salivation at night;
  3. discharge a special stool;
  4. strongest itching in the anal opening.

Worms in the body can be caused by the fact that in children enterobiasis or ascaride. Often children get the disease collection in a dirty mouth toys and other objects, or eat unwashed hands, vegetables, fruits with eggs of parasites. Flash worm invasion there are many in the children's pre-school establishments after infection, fecal-oral route in the secretion of one of the toddlers. This is actually the main route of infection helminthic invasion.

The symptoms of the disease

Before using anti-worm medication is necessary, first of all to identify symptoms in a child that are your own only helminthic invasion, because each of the species of parasites can manifest in different ways.

The main symptoms of the presence of worm invasion in the body include:

  • nausea;
  • recurring pain and cramps in the abdomen;
  • decrease or increase in appetite;
  • the emergence of a bitter metallic flavor in the mouth;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • bouts of nausea, vomiting and coughing type of asthma;
  • the emergence of colds and scars on the skin;
  • Tablets
  • anxiety and irritability of the child;
  • wince in the night;
  • lack of sleep;
  • creaking the teeth during the night hours;
  • the emergence of itching and burning in the back alley;
  • complaints of rapid fatigue in the muscles;
  • the emergence of yellow on the skin;
  • an increase in temperature;
  • increase in the lymph nodes.

The symptoms are not specific and are also observed in many other disease which is infectious in nature, i.e. only in the case that the order of 5-6 symptoms at the same time it can be assumed that in the body of the child's worms.

Doctors recommend mothers before using antiworm drugs first undergo examination. Hand over the general analysis of blood, stool for ova of worms, scratching three times from the anus, due to the fact that not always the first time in it can be detected parasitic eggs. Only in combination with the discovered the unpleasant symptoms and also results of analyses the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment and explain the rules for the use of the pills.

Antihelminthic drugs

Today, medicine offers many different means. But many of them are fraught with side actions. Immature child's organism may be ambiguous acceptance of prescription drugs. And yet, that there are effective antihelminthic agent, which removed parasites from the body. Consider the most safe, effective and popular of them. Mums definitely need to know in which cases you can accept those, or any other pills, how to calculate the correct dose for the age and weight of the child. When it is not necessary to increase the dosage in hope of a speedy cure.

Antihelminthic drugs — the best way to get rid of parasites. But the body of toddlers vulnerable and not fully formed, so that the self and the other experiments are excluded. Means can become not only inconclusive, but also disastrous. It is always better to first consult with a doctor and only then use the assigned products exactly according to the instructions.

Rules for the use of the tablet from worms

When using drugs it is necessary to take into account contraindications and the side effects, because each anthelmintic means are available. Also apply medication is necessary with regard to the age and weight of the child, type of parasite, the degree of development and the impacts of invasion on the body (especially the colon).


Today at drugstores you can find a lot of drugs with a broad spectrum of activities is quite active and completely safe. However, all are toxic, they are focused on the rapid removal and treatment of Ascaris and roundworms from the body. Parents, it is important to realize that the stuff kids tablets — means to expose the body to the toxic action of drugs.

When using the tablet, it is important to observe the following rules:

  1. do not neglect the dosage;
  2. use what the doctor prescribed;
  3. taking into account the benefits, as mentioned in the instructions may differ significantly;
  4. can be used in combination right 2-3 drugs at the same time, but to observe the interval between meals;
  5. become familiar with all the contraindications in the instructions;
  6. keep under control the use of drugs and trust the child to their separate use;
  7. take into account that many products are allowed to intake of lactating and pregnant women, but with a low dosage;
  8. pills cannot be used when severe lesions of the liver, the development of oncology in children;
  9. violation of the dose leads to side effects and dangerous consequences.

Today the latest antihelminthic means virtually no contraindications. However, the body of each child is different and perceives pills otherwise. In the presence of chronic disease medications require cautious use. Release toxins contribute to the destruction of not only parasites, but also healthy cells in the body.

I'm sure in addition to anti-parasitic drugs need to drink chelators, antihistamines-to minimize the toxicity effects on the body antiworm drugs.

What medications are effective in prevention?

The children's organism with a weak immune system unstable before the onslaught of the worm invasion and infection is possible even in children who breastfed. Mothers need to be more attentive when the child begins to restlessly treat, constantly crying, knocking, handles and legs.

Signs of the presence of toxins in the body:

  • itching and burning in the anal area;
  • an increase in temperature;
  • decreased appetite.

For the purpose of prevention is best to accustom the children with the childhood:

  1. wash hands after coming from the street or visiting the toilet;
  2. no lugging dirty hands into the mouth, and not biting your nails;
  3. constantly cut their nails;
  4. Tansy
  5. change linen at least 1 time per 3-4 days;
  6. a day to carry out disinfection of toilets;
  7. timely removal of irritation, burning, and itching caused by worms.

For outdoor use it is recommended to use all of the above preparations in the form of a gel or cream 2% by that lubricate the affected places in the area of the anus to 4-ex once per day. Or use zinc oxide, glycerin, beeswax, almond oil to create a protective barrier in the perianal area and relieve inflammation.

From folk remedies Antihelminthic properties have pumpkin seeds. Also derive the worms from the body children you the flowers of tansy, but it is a means allowed to give children from the age of 12.

What would be a safe medicine against worms, you cannot experiment. For suspected infestations it is better to fold scratching, to pass the tests. Otherwise, kids can discover minor unpleasant symptoms, how to get rid of which will already be more painful, and only in a hospital environment).