Symptoms of parasites in the human body: how it to reveal?

Worm infestation — a fairly common problem. The special risk of the disease are exposed to children in the summer season. Play in the sandbox, unwashed fruit, communication with animals — all this can become a cause of the fall of the worms inside the colon or the liver. Distributors of deworming can become even an insect or eating raw meat or fish.

symptoms of parasites

Symptoms of the presence of de-worming

With the appearance of parasites in the body the person may start to develop several diseases, not necessarily associated with bowel problems or stomach:

The presence of Ascaris cause allergic rashes and itching, bronchial asthma.

  1. Giardia will create problems with digestion.
  2. The pig tapeworm cause headaches and nausea.
  3. Sharp weight loss will testify about the infection of the conveyor worm.
  4. Fasciola hepatica, spread most commonly from cats, manifest pain in the liver and by increasing the temperature.

In general, most of the parasites cause the same symptoms:

  • man begins to tire quickly and constantly feel weakness or malaise;
  • perhaps the emergence of cystitis in women and prostatitis in men;
  • a person begins to lose weight;
  • decreases memory, attention becomes distracted;
  • the body dental pain and experience muscle pain.

The use of vitamins in the presence of worming useless, because they are absorbed are the exact with worms.

Parasites in children and adults

In children is worm infestation particularly dangerous. The body of the child is not strong enough and therefore took advantage of his weakness, helminths are spread at great speed. Sleep disorders and appetite, causeless nervousness, constipation — all of this is evidence of the presence of Giardia or Ascaris.

The organism in adults is protected more securely by means of enzymes located in the mouth. They are complex, disastrous obstacle for parasites. It's just the immediate dam. Another obstacle will be stomach acid: with a strong intestinal immunity using antibodies can be destroyed by almost any threat the speaker. In the body of the child, it is still not enough forces for a similar struggle, as in the case of a man with immunity.

Action worming on the overall condition of the body

According to doctors, in most cases, allergic reactions arise due to the appearance of parasites before or past infection and treatment. Worms have a negative effect on the defensive response of the organism, reduces immunity, damage the work of the liver. In consequence, the person is more often ill infectious and colds diseases and their treatment becomes more difficult and lengthy.

After getting rid of the worms certainly it is necessary to consult a therapist at the place of destination of the necessary vitamins for the recovery of forces and support of the body. As the folk remedies used a decoction of herbs Petrov Cross or powder sponge Polypore currently – strengthen the liver and regenerates her condition. It is important to consult with your doctor before consuming.

types of parasites

Classification of parasites

The parasites occur in the intestinal and extraintestinal. As is evident from their name, first to decompose and attack the zone the colon, the second — inhabit the muscles, subcutaneous tissue, lungs, liver and other internal organs. Travel along with the blood stream, they move in different points of the human body and Russell in different places.

Gut such as pinworms and roundworm, are considered to be the most common of them. By infestation with worms of the gastrointestinal tract evidenced by the emergence of:

  • the black dots;
  • acne;
  • seborrhea;
  • freckles and different places;
  • breakage of the nail plate;
  • warts.

Also the incidence on the body papillomas and sticking out of the moles may indicate the presence of infection with worms.

Similar symptoms can occur when you assault the organism Giardia or Trichomonas. Also featured outbreaks of intestinal worming can be attributed to:

  • loss or excessive gain weight (due to lack of appetite, or, on the contrary, excessive hunger);
  • the emergence of foreign flavor in the mouth and bad odor from the mouth;
  • unconsciously gnashing of the teeth during sleep;
  • symptoms of diabetes;
  • seizures epilepsy;
  • headaches without cause;
  • cardiology and cancer diseases.

Fasciola hepatica supports inflammatory processes in the liver of man. When appears in the body of the parasite occurs blockage of the hepatic duct, which had a negative impact on the blood vessels. Especially dangerous disease that can go unnoticed for men, and the symptoms will testify about himself is not too clear. Consequently, a person spends the treatment of other diseases, starting from the true cause.

In the allocation of the products of helminth inhibition of the process occurs outflow of bile, which might lead to the complete destruction of the liver and fatal.

The presence of the Fluke in the body often leads to in opisthorchiasis. This disease is a qualify of the following symptoms:

  1. High body temperature (approximately 39 degrees).
  2. Sensation of pain pain in the muscle tissues.
  3. Rapid breathing, puffy.
  4. Diarrhea or constipation.
  5. A rash and itching on the skin of the skin, resembling an allergy.
  6. Pain sensations in the liver area, as well as an increase in this organ (found during palpation).

If time does not start treatment, and how to get rid of this parasite, the body will continue to decay and the symptoms are noticeably stronger:

  1. Feelings of pain you will encounter not only in the region of the liver, but also in the back.
  2. Bile colic.
  3. Headache, dizziness when walking.
  4. Insomnia, nervousness.
  5. The decline of forces.
  6. The occurrence of cysts on various internal organs.

The most common symptoms of the presence of parasites in humans:

helminths in the body
  1. Individual types of deworming on the basis of their size, are blocking the work of certain organs. Blockage of the biliary duct ends with liver disease or jaundice and lock the gastrointestinal tract leads to the emergence of congestion. In advanced cases may develop intestinal obstruction, to save from which can just a surgical procedure.
  2. Diarrhea is a symptom of a number of deworming, which copy the elements, destroys the sodium and chloride in the human body. As a result, this person suffers from frequent watery until stool, leading to dehydration of the body. In this case, since parasites the body during bowel movements is not exempt.
  3. Bloating going on since the inception of the worming in the upper part of the intestine. It's presence causes feelings of pain when eating food legumes, beans, as well as raw fruits. Similar symptoms do not always appear to be dangerous, therefore you parasites live inside the body for several months or years.
  4. Tremors at night (itching in the back alley) — a frequent symptom of the presence of pinworms.

In women the first signs of the lesions the worms are a pain in the ovaries, long menstrual bleeding, accompanied by painful sensations, general weakness, disturbance in the cycle, the development of cysts, fibroids, fibroids, problems with bladder and kidneys.

Men in the worm infestation is typical for the emergence of prostatitis, problems with potency, sand and stones in the kidneys, painful sensations during urination. When the infection can be broken mental state.

Preventive action

In compliance with certain preventive activities a person can successfully protect yourself from such diseases and their consequences. The first rule of protection from worms is the observance of basic hygiene, basic items that are considered to be:

  • regular content hands clean, required washing with soap and water after working in the country, the sand, contact with pets and other animals, and also before each meal;
  • nails on the fingers and toes must be shorn short and kept clean;
  • vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and other products should be thoroughly washed, especially when hitting on them the soil, potentially containing eggs of worms;
  • meat and fish should only be purchased in the best places and are prepared so that the eggs worming could be destroyed. Steaks with blood, and they bear in themselves huge danger;
  • used a person should be water from drinking sources and boiled;
  • the limit for bathing in rivers and lakes, in the vicinity of places where grazing;
  • mandatory washing of hands with soap after contact with the insects.

Experts recommend to carry out regular preventive deworming using drugs, without resorting to preliminary laboratory research. For addition, to exclude recurrence of the disease parasites, all living members of the family should carry out preventive action in one time, and also organize the prevention of the helminths, and the domestic pets – precisely thanks to them more often comes the infection.

Do not forget and about the fact that the use of drugs with the aim of prevention of worms should be done only after doctor's recommendation, following the obligatory personal consultation.

It is important to know, that in the event that prevention did not help, and will infect all same happened (after confirmation of your results of the relevant analyses), treatment should begin without delay.

Treatment of helminthiasis


To diagnose the infection of parasites is possible by means of analysis. In the lab experts are investigating the feces for the presence of ova worming, as well as scraping on enterobiasis disease. Tests are handed out three times with a difference of a few days – for more accurate results. Find out deworming to immunoglobulins, hand over blood.

Medicine nowadays has tremendous opportunities in the field of treatment of infections of human parasites. It is such methods, such as:

  • treatment of chemical drugs;
  • herbal medicines;
  • the cleansing of the organism from deworming using homeopathic medicines;
  • the use of the device for ozone treatment.

Tips folk medicine, how to get rid of worms

Folk medicine does not have any quality certificates. Only her confirmation — inspection years. This can boast of. Similar recipes passed down from one people to another. But in all the numerous folk recommendations, experts recommend to consult with doctor before use of this or that tool. Desire to get rid of the parasite large, but also about common sense forget it's not worth it.

There are products, which are the worms do not categorically. When confirmation of the presence of de-worming in the body it is necessary to increase in the diet intake of garlic, onions large, fresh horseradish, salted fish, grapefruit, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar, pomegranate.

Don't like parasites and raw carrots, mixed with beetroot, eat cabbage juice (it can be both fresh, and cabbage), fresh pineapple juice, tincture of peppermint, as well as a decoction of the fruit of the rosehip.

Important! This is the reason why most of the recipes, how to get rid of worms are based on the above products.

The use of folk recipes is quite simple and very advantageous financially, because it does not require any special costs. Most of the right components always, and so is present in the fridge at the women in the household.

Folk remedies are very effective in the very beginning of infection. It is advisable to go on a vegetable diet during the treatment and completely exclude meat from the diet. When this nutrition is a parasite loses its power and get rid of it will be much easier.

Many mistakenly believe that fasting can also serve as one of the methods to get rid of helminthiasis. It is important to know that this opinion is wrong, because the strike will make the human body more attenuated and will only increase headache, fatigue, and a feeling of nausea.

Useful folk recipe

One of the methods of effective treatment of deworming is to use an enema in the course of the 7 days. Large head of garlic boiled in a glass of reconstituted milk, filtered, cool to room temperature. The liquid in the range of 250 g is used as an enema for an adult. The child, depending on age, 100 or 50 gg



In conclusion, it should be noted that the risk of disease helminthiasis there are always. But to insure since it is also possible to observe personal hygiene, maintenance, cleanliness and cleanliness in the home and in the workplace, by controlling the condition of the pets and correctly you follow the products.

This article gives reason to think about your own body and to distinguish the symptoms. In general, doctors rarely drive patients to helminthiasis and embarking on the erroneous treatment of the stomach or liver. Upon the occurrence of the above symptoms it is worth checking your own body for the presence of parasites and not to delay with the treatment.

Anti-parasitic measures can save the internal organs and health in general from the terrible consequences. What method of treatment or prevention will be the most suitable – tells you the doctor.