Parasites in humans: symptoms and treatment

When detecting helminths in the human body, it is not worth ignoring the symptoms of their presence and not categorically delaying their treatment. It all depends on the type of parasite that colonizes the body. This is why the provision of tests for the presence of worms and the additional selection of treatment is of such great importance.

Parasites in the human body: causes

the reasons for the appearance of parasites in the human body

Parasites appear in the human body for various reasons.

They can enter the body in the following ways:

  • Food (through the digestive tract). The most common situation is: eating contaminated water or food;
  • Contact and housekeeping (through household items). In practice, this means infection from other people or pets carrying helminths;
  • Transmission. Represents the penetration of helminths by blood-sucking insects;
  • Percutaneous. This means that the parasite enters the body through the mucous membranes or the skin;
  • In addition, the parasites can enter the body along with the dust.

Fish is a valuable food product recommended to everyone. However, in addition to the benefits, it can also be harmful, serving as a vector of parasitic diseases. Hence, you need to be aware of the type of parasites living in fish which can harm a person.

In fact, the most common parasites among those that live in fish organisms are just helminths. The risk group for contracting worms includes fish such as sea bream, rudd, and silver bream, but it is important to understand that any fish can be infected with helminths. Boil the fish well to avoid infection. If this is not done, the likelihood of infection remains extremely high. The most dangerous thing is to eat raw fish.

The most popular worms in fish are:

  • Schistocefamos. Most often they live in smelt, in some places they are found in trout, salmon and pink salmon. The worm is destroyed by careful heat treatment;
  • Chinese luck. It is found in the Amur chebachka, crucian carp, carp and yaz. If it enters the human body, it can cause opisthorchiasis and clonorchiasis;
  • Large ribbon. Most often, it lives in the organisms of pike, frill, monkfish and salmonids;
  • Helminths, causing nanofietosis in humans, live in chum salmon, whitefish, grayling and other fish species;
  • Tapeworms which act as causative agents of ligulosis. Carp (bream, silver bream, roach, rudd) are exposed to this disease. It is important to note that if you remove all the worms from the fish, its meat can be eaten - it will be absolutely safe;
  • Worms from the trematode family. Excite metagonimosis. They live in Rudd and Gudgeon.

We emphasize that any fish is absolutely safe for humans if cooked properly. After complete and high-quality heat treatment, the fish can be safely consumed by adults and children. Another way to disinfect fish is to freeze it for a long time.

One product which, while not superior to fish, is on a par with it in terms of popularity, is of course meat. It is popular not only among people, but also among worms.

The following types of helminths live in meat:

  • Nematodes. Can be found in pork or chicken meat. Induce gnatostomosis;
  • Bovine tapeworm. Found in undercooked beef. Excites teniarinhoses;
  • Pork tapeworm. Can live in undercooked pork. Induce tapeworm;
  • Toxocara nematodes. Taken in the liver of chickens. Excite toxocariasis;
  • Nematodes. They live in undercooked pork. Causes trichinosis.

Parasites in the human body: symptoms

symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body

There are 14 main symptoms of the presence of helminths in the human body:

  • Chronic fatigue.Includes a number of signs, such as: poor memory; indifference; stress; low concentration; flu-like symptoms. These problems arise both with nutritional deficiencies and with ideal nutrition due to the difficult absorption of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, as well as proteins and fats. For this reason, the permanent intoxication of the body by parasites is greatly improved;
  • Pain syndrome in muscles and joints.Worms have the ability to migrate. Their move is accompanied by pain, often seen as a painful consequence of arthritis. In addition, abnormal inflammatory processes in the joints can be a consequence of the protective reaction of the body to the presence of helminths inside, as well as a consequence of tissue damage by worms;
  • Weight problems.Worms can cause both weight gain and weight loss. The differences in both directions will be quite large. Low weight is caused by loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and indigestion. Obesity appears as a result of helminthic invasion. The feeling of hunger causes a lack of nutrients under conditions of an acceptable amount of "empty calories", as well as due to toxic effects on the metabolism;
  • Irritable stomach syndrome.Parasites living in the body can provoke an inflammatory process in the intestinal membranes, leading to a large number of negative manifestations, as well as a deterioration in the absorption of nutrients. Fats, instead of being absorbed in the small intestine, enter the large intestine, causing problems such as cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. Excess fat can be found in stool analysis;
  • Diarrhea.A chain of helminths forms a material similar to prostaglandins. They are the ones that frequently cause watery stools. It is important to understand that diarrhea qualifies not only as a reaction of the body, but also as a sign of the presence of worms;
  • Constipation.Some helminths can block the work of certain organs. For example, they can block the bile ducts (causing jaundice and liver problems) or the intestines (causing constipation);
  • Irritability, permanent bad mood.Poisonous substances and the remains of the vital activity of worms have a negative effect on the central nervous system. As a result: depression, anxiety and constant excitement. There are many cases in practice when the elimination of parasites led to significant changes in a person's character and made him more calm;
  • Inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract.Various parasites "travel" throughout the human body, including the respiratory system. Symptoms of airway worms include a runny nose, cough, sputum production, and fever. In practice, there has even been sinusitis caused by awake migrating helminths. Pneumonia is also one of the expressions of strongyloidiasis and ascariasis;
  • Bloating and gas formation.Caused by an inflammatory process in the small intestine. If the worms are not removed in a timely manner, bloating and gas formation can occur to varying degrees for several months or even years;
  • Sleep problems, teeth grinding during sleep.The origin of bruxism remains a mystery today. One of the versions is just the reaction of the body to intoxication, as well as the excitement of the nervous system by parasites;
  • Allergic reactions.It turns out that the worms enter the intestinal wall, which is why large molecules of unprocessed food end up in the blood. The body responds to this by increasing the production of blood cells (eosinophils), which in turn cause allergies. The worms themselves are also allergens;
  • Oncological diseases.Helminths that live in the body contribute to its systematic poisoning, nutritional deficiencies and problems with the immune system. They are also able to trigger a long inflammatory process. Well, as a result of all this an oncological tumor is formed;
  • Serious skin problems.Helminths can provoke the appearance of hives, rashes, eczema, boils, acne, papillomas and other skin diseases;
  • Protection system failures.Worms seriously weaken the defense system, reduce the production of protective immunoglobulins and cause allergies. Due to their activity, conditions are created for various infections, and the intestine turns into a hotbed for dysbiosis. Chronic colds and allergies are the likely consequences of a helminth entering the human body.

These are not all signs - there are many more, however, they are very diverse and occur depending on the type of individual, the duration of the infection and the stage of organ damage. Symptoms can be extremely serious (for example, migraine, heart attack, asthma, and inflammation of the urinary tract).

Parasites in the human body: diagnosis

methods of diagnosing the presence of parasites in the human body

The human body can simultaneously accommodate up to several dozen worms. For this reason, treatment should begin with the diagnosis of the disease. Modern medicine uses a number of methods to diagnose the presence of various helminths in organisms.

Most often, feces are analyzed. However, there are other methods, for example:

  • Immunological - determination of the amount of antigens and antibodies to parasites by a blood test;
  • Histological coprogram - a detailed examination of the body of helminths, their larvae and eggs using a high-precision microscope. Allows you to find out the most effective drug complex for therapy;
  • Hemoscanning. Blood test by increasing a drop 2000 times. The method allows you to detect the presence of fungi, bacteria and other parasites;
  • Electroacupuncture. The method is carried out using a special device. It is little known and totally unpopular as it can cause significant harm to the body. Nevertheless, this allows you to identify the presence of worms in the body and choose the most effective method of treatment.

Parasites in the human body: drug treatment

You can eliminate parasites using two groups of drugs:

  • chemotherapy drugs obtained by synthetic means;
  • preparations obtained from vegetable materials.

The most suitable drug for removing parasites from the body will be recommended by a specialist, depending on the results of the examination.

Parasites in the human body: treatment with folk remedies

In addition to drug treatment, you can try alternative methods. The main advantage of such treatment is the complete absence of harm.

Consider the most popular folk methods for combating worms:

herbal tea to eliminate parasites from the body
  • Healing tea.It is used to cleanse the intestines, liver, and other organs. To prepare it, you need to mix the oak bark, wormwood and tansy in equal parts. After that, take 5 grams of the mixture and pour 500 ml of boiling water over it, then let it brew for 12 hours. The drink will then be ready. It should be consumed in the morning, 100 ml (for children, 50 ml). The duration of treatment is 21 days. Tea will help not only to remove helminths, but also to improve the condition of the organs;
  • Pumpkin seeds.Take 300 grams of peeled seeds with a transparent film separating the core and the pod. It is imperative to eat seeds with this layer. You should eat them on an empty stomach at a dose of 10 to 20 grams. You must repeat the reception every two days. The therapy course lasts a week;
  • Healing blend.It turns out that the tests for the presence of helminths are negative, however, the person feels weakness, has dark circles under the eyes and also suffers from skin problems. These are sure signs of the presence of worms in the liver, lymph or blood. In such a situation, the therapy looks slightly different. Mix 10 ml of aloe oil and juice and add half a lemon to it. During the first 3 months, add olive oil, then switch to corn oil. In the third phase of treatment, you need to switch to the use of grape seed extract. The course of treatment is quite long - it is 9 months. The mixture should be drunk in the morning. The therapy, although of long duration, is quite effective and affordable in terms of cost;
  • Pomegranate bark.However, it should be taken with extreme caution, as an overdose is fraught with poisoning. The bark is taken as a decoction. It is prepared as follows. You need to pour 10 grams of dried bark with 250 ml of boiled water and boil for 10 minutes. The product should be taken three times a day, 3 ml each before meals. Oak bark is effective not only in removing parasites, but also in cleaning the liver;
  • Chanterelles.These fungi are also very effective against worms. They are used in the form of an infusion. To prepare it, you need to pour 100 grams of chopped fresh mushrooms with 250 ml of alcohol, then insist in the refrigerator for 21 days. We advise you to shake the mixture from time to time. Once the product is ready, it should be applied 5 ml at bedtime every day. The course of treatment lasts a month. We focus on the fact that you do not need to filter the product after preparation. The tool will not only help remove worms, but also increase your immunity.