Effective recipes for expelling parasites from the body

The most common methods of expelling parasites are those of traditional medicine. Herbs, tinctures, enemas - these are the means that can cleanse the body from roundworms and other worms.

Anyone, child or adult, is at risk of contracting various parasites. Folk remedies will be a great way for those who are looking for an answer to the question: "How to expel parasites from the human body? " Infection with parasites can be understood wherever there is no respect for cleanliness. Parasites can get inside through meat, fish.


Traditional medicine to help

To drive away parasites with herbs, you just need to buy them at the pharmacy. It is a simple and affordable method that does not require a lot of investment. You can stock up on herbs at a certain time. They are usually harvested from July to September.

Herbs for worms

An effective recipe for combating "the host" - the parasite, from the seeds of caraway, tansy and knapweed of medicinal plants has been used since ancient times. You need to prepare fifteen grams (in total) of tansy, common caraway and miraculous knapweed plant, pour the collection of herbs with boiling water and leave for 60 minutes. Take the broth three to four times a tablespoon per day.

The following recipe is a collection of herbal wormwood and centaury plants. Take a teaspoon of pharmaceutical herbs and pour a glass of boiling water (200 ml). Next steps:

  • put on low heat;
  • cover and boil for twenty minutes;
  • after boiling, add water to the finished broth so that there is a full glass;
  • drink 1/2 cup on an empty stomach (in the morning) and in the evening for eight days.

Our grandparents used a miraculous collection to fight against fruit pests of bilberry, elecampana and tansy. You can find these ingredients on the windows of pharmacies:

  1. You will need to crush the herbs and blueberries into a powdery mass.
  2. Boil the broth from the following calculation: a spoon (tablespoon) of powder for a glass of purified water.
  3. The cooking time is twenty minutes.
  4. Drink five tablespoons of the herbal collection throughout the day, with a little water.
Tansy to remove parasites from the body

Down with parasites, we can say using the following effective method:

  1. It is necessary to take twenty grams of ordinary tansy (flowers), wormwood, peppermint leaves, buckthorn (bark is necessary), valerian roots and 30 grams of carrot seeds (wild variety).
  2. The entire composition will need to be mixed.
  3. Then take the mixture at the rate of two tablespoons and fill with a glass of boiling water.
  4. Let steep a little (about 10 to 15 minutes) and pass through cheesecloth. It is a very good remedy for eliminating tapeworms.
  5. The drug should be drunk one glass in the morning and in the evening. So for three consecutive days.

When roundworms appear in the human body, a decoction of the following plants will help:

  • a tablespoon of sea and bitter wormwood (sold in pharmacies);
  • a tablespoon of tansy herb flowers;
  • pharmacy chamomile flowers (tablespoon).

The ingredients are taken in one part of each, well mixed. Then a tablespoon of the herbal mixture is placed in a glass of boiling water. After the infusion, filter. A glass of broth should be divided into two parts and drink one part in the morning, another in the evening, and so on for three consecutive days.

To defeat pinworms and roundworms, you can prepare another recipe. This time will be useful:

  • a tablespoon of herbaceous chamomile;
  • gentian roots (tablespoon);
  • perennial tansy flowers (tablespoon);
  • bitter wormwood (two tablespoons);
  • buckthorn (three tablespoons are taken).

You need to prepare herbs in a thermos and insist all night. Take a tablespoon of mixed herbs and pour boiling water over it. Drink the infused broth twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime. One glass should be drunk in 12 hours.

Getting rid of parasites with enemas

Homemade enemas are very effective in detecting a parasite that has attacked the human body. Regardless of the parasite, this method is reliable. For example, helminths which can build small columns form small glomeruli. Herbal methods, tinctures and tablets do not always help to expel the parasite from the human body, therefore, a cleansing enema is able to kill the worms.

The most common enema is the garlic enema:

  • you need to take peeled garlic cloves (10 small pieces);
  • knead them in lukewarm water (a glass);
  • pass through a fine sieve or cheesecloth;
  • with the help of a pear, pour into the anus;
  • it is desirable to insert the tube as deeply as possible.

An enema made from tansy flowers will also be effective. A tablespoon of flowers is taken, placed in a saucepan, water is poured in an amount of 0. 5 liters and boiled for 15-20 minutes. Not a bad enema to get rid of parasites, made from wormwood citrine.

Effective tinctures

The human body is called a host in relation to parasites. In order that there are no bad consequences in terms of health, the parasites must be eliminated in any way. There are a number of tinctures in the list of recipes of traditional medicine. The main ones must be taken into account.

Tinctures for parasites

The famous onion tincture is suitable for breeding pinworms.

  1. Chopped onion (large head) should be poured into a bottle with a capacity of half a liter and pour vodka into it.
  2. The contents of the vial should be infused for ten days.
  3. This tincture is only suitable for adults.
  4. It should be applied twice a day, 2 tbsp.

Pumpkin seeds have always been famous in the fight against pests, and in combination with wormwood, the effect is enhanced.

  1. You need to take crushed pumpkin seeds and wormwood leaves (there should be an equal amount).
  2. Place the ingredients in the bottle (1/3 of the occupied bottle) and pour in the vodka, lightly filling the rim.
  3. Put in a dark place for seven days.
  4. Drink thirty minutes before meals at the rate of fifty milliliters twice a day.

To defeat roundworms and tapeworms, an infusion of walnuts (walnuts) will help.

  1. You will need to take green nuts (4 tablespoons) in chopped form and pour boiling water over them.
  2. Then pour in half a teaspoon of salt and let stand for thirty minutes.
  3. After this time, the tincture must be filtered.
  4. During the day all the tincture is drunk. In this case, it will be necessary to combine with laxatives.

Effective recipes for children

In the body of a child, as in an adult, various "inhabitants" can appear. The child's body can also be called a "host" in relation to parasites. When infected with parasites, the child's immune system weakens, diarrhea is not excluded, and sudden body weight loss occurs. But despite everything, there is a way out. Recipes of folk remedies come to the aid of parents.


The most common recipe for worms is milk and garlic. There are already such products in every house.

  1. Take a glass of milk, boil in a saucepan.
  2. While it is boiling, you need to chop a clove of garlic, add it to boiled milk, mix well and strain.
  3. Fill the enema with this remedy and apply.
  4. Usually one procedure is enough. After a month, the treatment can be repeated.
  5. At night, the anus should be lubricated with petroleum jelly.

After boiling milk with garlic (three cloves per 200 ml of milk) and boiling for 10 minutes, you can take a teaspoon of broth for ten days in a row. You can also perform the following procedure: three cloves of garlic are peeled, placed on the bottom of the pan, filled with a glass of boiling milk. You need to infuse the garlic milk for five minutes, then put the child in a saucepan and leave to stand until the milk has cooled completely. This method is generally considered old.

You can also resort to traditional medicine. Anthelmintic drugs are excellent for worms. These drugs are suitable for both children and adults, the only difference is in the dosage.

Carrots in their raw form are excellent for removing small worms. Children can be given two teaspoons twice a day of freshly squeezed juice. You can simply grate a carrot on a fine grater and give it to your child.