How to treat parasites in the human body with folk remedies?

Folk remedy for the treatment of parasites in the human body

Helminths belong to the group of lower life forms. They can only exist at the expense of the organism of their carriers. Most worms not only live in the body, but also disrupt its functioning by their presence. As a result, the longer types of worms live in the body and the longer they live there, the more human health deteriorates. For this reason, it is strongly advised not to underestimate the effect of helminths and to postpone their treatment until later.

It is better to carry out regular prophylaxis and quickly eliminate the worms when they appear. You can eliminate them both with drugs and by means of traditional medicine. These have several advantages at the same time. First, they are much less dangerous, because they do not contain synthetic elements. It is important to take into account that traditional methods are not at all inferior to medical methods in terms of effectiveness.

Secondly, medical methods for removing helminths appeared relatively recently, while traditional medicine has been used successfully from afar since the first generation. This material will be devoted to the best remedies to combat worms in the human body, which offers traditional medicine.

Pumpkin seeds against pests

The effectiveness of pumpkin seeds is due to the presence in their composition of a deadly substance for worms called cucurbitin. The most beneficial is the film between the skin of the seed and its nucleus. This is where the greatest amount of cucurbitin is found. Therefore, you must use the seeds with this film.

The mechanism of action of the seeds is the paralysis of helminths, due to which they completely lose their ability to move, cling to the walls of the intestinal mucosa and multiply. So, after a while, they will completely leave the body.

It is important to note that pumpkin seeds have three undeniable advantages:

  • A wide spectrum of action, covering absolutely all types of intestinal helminths;
  • Versatility. The seeds can be eaten by both adults and children;
  • Taste. Eating pumpkin seeds is easy and enjoyable.

In addition, the seeds retain their beneficial properties under various treatments.

The list of the most effective folk remedies is as follows:

  • Pumpkin seeds + honey. Recipe: Peel and grind 300 grams of seeds in a blender or coffee grinder. Then add cold water to the resulting mixture in sufficient volume to turn the mixture into a suspension, then add 1 tbsp. l. honey (as much as possible). The entire mixture should be consumed within an hour. The procedure should be carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. After 180 minutes after use, do an enema or take a laxative to cleanse the body;
  • Pumpkin seeds + garlic. Garlic contains phytoncides, which also have a negative effect on parasites. In this case, the grains are not cleaned and fried a little. The recipe is as follows: you need to grind 200 g of pumpkin seeds in a blender and add crushed garlic (about 6 cloves) to it. You can improve the taste of the product by adding honey to it, but not more than a few spoons. After that, let the oatmeal infuse for half a day. The product should be taken one tablespoon on an empty stomach 3 hours before meals. The duration of taking this drug is short - only 4 days;
  • Pumpkin seeds + castor oil. Recipe: Take 100 pumpkin seeds and divide them into 4 parts of 25 seeds each. Initially, you need to eat only the first part, and after 60 minutes take 1 tbsp. castor oil. An important tip: the seeds should be chewed well. The result will appear after one day. In particularly difficult situations, the treatment should be extended for several days;
  • Pumpkin seeds + milk. Recipe: Pour 200 grams of raw seeds with milk and beat with a blender. As a result, you will get oatmeal. She will have to have breakfast. After 60 minutes drink a cup of water and after 60 minutes drink water again, but now as much as possible. After 2. 5 hours take castor oil - it will have a laxative effect.

Troichka of parasites

As the name suggests, the triad is a three-component preparation made up of tansy, bitter wormwood and cloves.

  • Tansy contains thujone, a deadly neurotoxin for helminths. It kills the worms as soon as it enters the body. By the way, he is able to effectively remove not only worms, but also their larvae. In addition, the effects of this substance include stimulation of gastric juice secretion and gastrointestinal motility. The first helps to increase the acidity of the environment in the stomach, thereby killing protozoa and bacteria, and the second - easier removal of already dead helminths. However, there is a negative side to such strong and aggressive action. The fact is that thujone has a toxic effect not only on helminths, but also on humans. And if an adult tolerates such a dose of toxins more or less normally, then a younger patient can suffer severe poisoning;
  • Bitter wormwood also has a negative effect on worms and protozoa. The effect of the plant is due to its bitterness and tanning properties. It is important to note that products containing absinthe in their composition cannot be used for more than 60 days. Further intake of the drug may cause build-up poisoning;
  • Cloves have antimycotic and antiviral effects.

A triad is being prepared according to the following recipe. You need to reduce all the ingredients to powder, then mix 1 part of bitter wormwood, 2 parts of cloves and 4 parts of tansy.

The tool should be taken three times a day, a teaspoon half an hour before meals, washed down with a glass of water (more, but not less). Troichetka has a small number of side effects associated with the body's individual reaction to the components of the drug. The list of contraindications is much broader, it includes gastrointestinal diseases, immunodeficiency states, severe poisoning, childhood and old age. Before preparing and consuming the triad, you should talk to your doctor and get tested.

Infusions for parasites

Another form of effective antiparasitic drugs is a decoction. There are many recipes for decoctions from:

  • yarrow;
  • mugwort;
  • buckthorns (bark);
  • chamomile (flowers);
  • immortal;
  • oak bark).

They can be used together or separately.

The recipe for the combined infusion looks like this. Mix a tablespoon of each herb. Then take two tablespoons of the resulting mixture and pour a glass of boiling water, then let it brew for 60-120 minutes. After having previously filtered the infusion, it should be drunk every day half a glass on an empty stomach. You should only keep the infusion in the refrigerator.

The duration of the cleaning course is 20 days. As a preventive measure, it must be carried out at least once a year.

Next, consider the preparation of the infusion of each of the plants separately:

  • Oak bark. Recipe: pour a tablespoon of bark with a glass of boiling water, cool and let stand for a few hours. Before taking the infusion, it must be filtered. It should be consumed in half a cup in the morning on an empty stomach. The therapeutic course lasts 10 days;
  • Mugwort. Recipe: put a tablespoon of wormwood herb in a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water and let it steep overnight. The starting dose of wormwood for cleansing the body is one tablespoon. The dose volume should be gradually increased up to 100 ml. You must take the infusion morning and evening before meals. The duration of the course can be up to 14 days;
  • Yarrow. Recipe: Infuse a tablespoon of dry yarrow in a glass of boiling water, then let stand 60-120 minutes. The product must be filtered then drunk morning and evening before meals;
  • Nettle. Recipe: Pour a tablespoon of dry nettle roots with a glass of cold water. Then the mixture should be placed in a water bath, brought to a boil, then turn off the heat and let it brew for a few hours. Then filter the broth, then add water so that the total volume of liquid reaches one glass. You should use the infusion twice a day on an empty stomach;
  • Collection of herbs. Includes mint leaves, tansy flowers, buckthorn bark, wormwood and valerian rhizome. Mix a tablespoon of each ingredient and add a tablespoon and a half of wild carrots. Then take two tablespoons of the mixture and add a glass of boiling water. The tool should be allowed to infuse, leaving it for four hours. Before taking the infusion, it must be filtered. You need to drink it twice a day, 1 glass. The duration of the admission course is 3 days;
  • Chamomile and buckthorn bark. Recipe: Mix 20 grams of each ingredient. The resulting mixture should be infused by pouring a glass of boiling water over it, then cool and infuse. After that, you need to strain it and drink the infusion both on an empty stomach. It is necessary to take this infusion continuously in people with a gastrointestinal tract and in the presence of constipation. In all other cases, the infusion should be taken once every 6 months for prophylaxis only.

Also, an important point is that the course of taking decoctions will require you to slightly change your diet. Meals should be divided. The diet should be lighter and lower in calories. It should include fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, lean meats, and dairy products. Alcohol should be completely eliminated, and sugary foods and baked goods should be reduced.

Drinking plenty of water is also important. Try to drink up to 2 liters of clean, still water per day.

Parasites during pregnancy: treatment with folk remedies

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best treatments for worms in pregnant women. First of all, it is completely safe. Second, it is effective. And third, it is quite versatile. There are many recipes for pumpkin seeds, among which every pregnant woman will find a method to her liking. Here are the most popular methods:

  • In the morning, eat three tablespoons of peeled pumpkin seeds (be sure to chew them well). After 120 minutes, drink 2 tbsp. l. olive or sunflower oil (it will act as a laxative). Some time after that, the worms will leave the body naturally. If necessary, a second course is authorized;
  • Every day for a week, consume 100 grams of squash seeds morning and evening half an hour before meals;
  • Pass 100 grams of pumpkin seeds through a meat grinder (you can grind them in a coffee grinder). Add 40-50 ml of water to it and mix thoroughly to form a slurry. It should be consumed 4 times a day, 25 grams for 10 days.

Pumpkin seeds kill helminths in most cases, but not always. It turns out that the worms remain. But at least the pumpkin seeds won't hurt.

Another good remedy for worms for pregnant women is beetroot juice. It should be drunk daily at 1 tbsp. l. within 7 days. This simple recipe will allow you to completely remove worms from the body in 7 days, without harming the mother or the fetus.

If you catch worms during watermelon season, we recommend that you try them as well. But here it is important not to overdo it - the abuse of melons and gourds for pregnant women is categorically not recommended. This can cause a load on the kidneys and the appearance of edema, which will create difficulties for both the woman and the unborn child. Therefore, you should eat watermelons within reason. In this case, they can also help get rid of the parasites.

The third option is freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Has a double effect:

  • Eliminate worms;
  • Increases hemoglobin.

It is the second effect which is the main reason why pomegranate juice is at the top of the list of recommendations for pregnant women infected with helminths.

The least pleasant method, but undoubtedly the most effective, is of course the enema.

There are three effective recipes for enemas:

  • Finely chop 5 garlic cloves and add a tablespoon of dried wormwood herb. Pour the mixture with half a liter of boiling water and let it steep for half an hour. This enema should be done for 3 to 5 days;
  • Pour two tablespoons of chamomile with a glass of boiling water, then let stand for 30 minutes;
  • Make an enema with a slightly soapy solution.

It is important to choose the option that is best for you and discuss it with your doctor. In this case, you will not feel much discomfort and get the maximum positive effect.

Treatment of parasites in children with folk remedies

Treating worms in children, as in the case of pregnant women, requires a delicate approach. Of course, you should first take the child to see a pediatrician and do all the necessary research. Self-medication is strictly prohibited! No matter how harmless the remedy may seem at first glance, it can have an extremely negative effect. Any medication can only be used with the approval of the attending physician.

Below we will consider the recipes of the most effective remedies for the removal of worms in children, offered by traditional medicine:

  • Peel a medium onion, cut it into small pieces and place it in a jar. Pour in a glass of boiling water and close the lid, then let it steep for 12 hours at room temperature. You should take the product daily, 100 ml. The effect will come after 7 days;
  • Divide the pomegranate into 2 pieces. Mix one of them with a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes, then wrap the pan and let the product infuse for 3 hours in this form, then filter. You need to take it three times a day, 2 sips. The therapeutic course lasts 14 days;
  • Peel the head of garlic and fill it with 250 grams of milk. Cook until the garlic is tender (a few minutes is enough). Leave to infuse for 12 hours then filter. The child should be given three tablespoons of this broth once a day in the morning before meals. The therapeutic course lasts 1 week.

In summary, it should be noted that folk remedies for removing helminths are certainly worthy of attention. They are no less effective than drugs, but much less toxic. However, they cannot be unequivocally recommended. We emphasize that any treatment (both drug and with the use of traditional medicine) should be agreed with the attending physician. Only then will the therapy bring a 100% positive result.