Photos of different kinds of worms

Despite the achievements of modern civilization in general and medicine in particular, the question, what occur types of worms and how they affect the human body, it continues to be relevant. There are several types of de-worming, which you can consider in the photo with the description. Different worms can also pose not to the same degree of danger for persons, but in any case causing a blow to the immune system and can become the cause of other health problems.

In the human body are parasitic 2 types of worms: round (hookworm) and flat (tapeworm and happiness).

worms on the photo


One of the main features of nematodes is their extreme durability. They can survive even after 5 years of residence in the formaldehyde. Additional features of the roundworms is necessary to emphasize:

  • the rapid development and primitive life cycle;
  • a simple system, digestion, consisting of a straight tube from the mouth to the anus;
  • the rapid multiplication;
  • mobility, intensive movement to the bodies of the host.

The most common and dangerous types of round worms include: pinworms, ascaris, vlasoglavy, Trichinella, giardia.


Pinworms – the worms, usually white in color. Males – quite small, not larger than 5 mm, while the length of the Mature female is larger than 1, see photo pinworms resemble sticks with the sharp end. Symptoms lesions appear after 5-6 hours after their intervention into the body. The female lays her eggs in the folds of the anus, after which the hatched worm sneaks up on the intestines.

If pinworms stunned body, appear the following symptoms – itching in the back alley, intestinal disorders, irritability, nausea. Usually this kind of worms suffer from small children that are prone to pull objects into the mouth and insufficiently comply with the rules of personal hygiene.


Unlike roundworms ascaris have large dimensions from 15 to 40 see the Eggs, the larvae get into the system, digestion, where he continued to serve until the final maturation. Live roundworm for about a year. When you assault a person suffers from abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, increased fatigue, allergic reactions.

Important! For each patient can be an individual reaction to assault, this kind of worms. The degree of severity of symptoms can vary from mild discomfort to severe manifestations.


Its name worm got thanks to a thin and long body in the shape of the hair shaft. Most often settles in the appendix. The length of the parasite from 5.5 mm (female) to 4.5 cm (males). With his sharp front end of the whipworm pierces the mucous membrane of the intestines, feeding in this way the blood and tissue fluid. Whipworm has symptoms of lesions, which are similar to the manifestations of the activity of other parasites.

Among the specific symptoms can be distinguished:

  • feelings, like appendicitis;
  • the development of polyps and cysts in places of habitat of the parasite;
  • gastric ulcer;
  • convulsive seizures.


Belongs to the round worms, which are parasitic on organisms of many species both domestic and wild animals (badgers, pigs). The main route of infection – consumption of raw meat or products from infected meat, cooked "with blood".

Just need a couple of days larva of Trichinella until full maturation in the duodenum. Good mobility allows the parasites to penetrate into various organs along with the flow of blood. In severe cases, trichinosis gives complications to the airway, central nervous and cardiovascular system. If left untreated, the infection can lead even to a lethal outcome.


The size of these harmful worms is so small that to take into consideration is only possible under a microscope. However, the damage to the body, especially of children, who commit, are huge. Using the flagella on the body of the parasite sticks to the mucosa of the intestine, taking all the nutrients.

Giardia is a very viable and can be active at any time of year. Can be:

  • in the raw, raw water;
  • on dirty hands, unwashed vegetables, fruits;
  • in the country of sand;
  • toys, dishes, household items.

One of the specific symptoms giardiasis is a pinkish-red rash on the skin, which accompanies the reaction of itching, as well as a strong long-lasting diarrhea with a foul smell from the mouth odor.

Flat worms

This kind of de-worming has a tapered body in the form of sheets or tapes. Unlike the round, flat worms have the characteristics and the male and female gender. Of all the systems of life in these deworming it is necessary to draw attention to the digestive and excretory. To the parasites of man include gill and tapeworm. In the body of the people in the flat worms are fixed on the walls of organs and blood vessels by using infants.

Liver Dens

Parasite a flat shape, reaching 5 cm in length. Got its name due to the usual localization in the liver. Can also live in the gallbladder and pancreas due to its two suckers: oral and ventral. At the beginning of the development cycle of helminths feces infected his egg, penetrate into the soil and water. Then through the middleware host, the clams, the eggs pass into the body of the fish, where hatched larvae are fixed in their body. Consumption of contaminated fish in the food causes dangerous disease opisthorchiasis.

Become infected with this type of worms is possible by eating poorly processed meat bream, carp, roach, minnow, carp and other fish. Among the symptoms of the issue:

  • increase in body temperature;
  • painful sensations in the muscles;
  • biliary colic;
  • sharp pain in right side;
  • violation of appetite.

Important! Diagnosis of lesions of the Accident is often difficult. In the transition opisthorchiasisa chronic symptoms resemble the disease, such as gastritis and pancreatitis.

bullish tapeworm

Bullish and pig tapeworm

These two kinds of parasitic tapeworms have different intermediate hosts, and that a permanent place of residence for both is person. Bullish tapeworm – the largest of all the uninvited guests of the human body. Its length reaches 10 m.

The pig tapeworm easier to expel from the body, but it represents a great danger, because it can migrate not only in the intestine, but also in the brain, the liver, and even in the eyes of man. Initially, the disease occurs practically without symptoms, but later reflected:

  • weakness, insomnia, headache;
  • heartburn, nausea;
  • pain in the stomach;
  • output with feces segments of bullish tapeworm;
  • sharp ride: from the sense of hunger increased appetite;
  • anemia.


This type of deworming lives in the organisms of dogs, foxes, wolves, and occasionally cats. The appearance and manner of the anchor in the body of the living beings are the same, as in other species of flat worms. Among the people in the group the risk group includes those who work with animals (hunters, shepherds). The symptoms of echinococcosis resemble the diseases of the liver. In addition to the violations of the chair and the overall malaise characteristic sign is icteric staining of the skin sheets.


Despite the heavy course of the disease, caused by helminthůmu, there are quite a few effective the cure funds, which release the human body from all kinds of worms. The main feature of the tablet from worms lies in their increased toxicity, so the choice should take into account the degree of assault, a person's age, concomitant diseases and the overall safety of the drug. Consider the most effective and safe diet pills which help cleanse the body from the worm invasion.

Important! A separate selection of tablets from worms, without consulting your doctor, is not valid! Exceeding the permissible dosage can cause the body is not smaller harm, than infection with the worms!

Some medications may be taken also as a preventive measure. Prevention is necessary if infection with worms is revealed in one of the family members, or with the presence of domestic animals. Great importance should be paid to the purity of the hands, especially in young children, regular cleaning of premises, compliance with all the rules of safe cooking.