Worms (helminths)

Worm parasitic diseases (helminthiasis) — diseases that cause human parasitic worms (worms, helminths), which live inside the body.

what is intestinal worms

What is it?

At present it is known about 300 worm disease in man. Their customary divided into intestinal and extraintestinal. As is clear from the name, in the first case, the worms and their larvae live in the gut, and in the second — outside of it: in the muscles, the lungs, the liver, and so on among the most common diseases of parasites are considered to be intestinal: enterobiasis and ascariasis.

Enterobiasis caused by small parasitic worms — pinworms. In length they are not more than 1 cm One end of the worm usually pointed out, and another — rounded. The color of pinworms may vary from white and yellowish to almost black. These worms lead of the night way of life: in the dark women crawling into the colon and from there to the skin around the anus, lay eggs in the folds of the skin, and they die.

The average life expectancy of pinworms and a half months.

Ascariasis causing more worms — roundworm. The length can reach up to 20 cm Parasitic roundworm mainly in the small intestine, therefore, to find out their in calais is quite difficult. The length of the life of the roundworm — a few years.


Usually infection with worms is done through the contaminated feces in soil. For example, if you wash your hands, and no clean fingernails after working with clay, dirty vegetables, fruits and berries. In addition, it is not the last role in the infection with the worms play flies. They're on their feet and trunk to tolerate the eggs of worms on the food. Also, infection with worms is possible and accidental ingestion of water while swimming in reservoirs. Children often become infected with worms from domestic animals.

What's going on?

In the body of an adult man on the intruder waits a triple protective barrier. First — the enzymes of the mouth, the second — acidic environment of the stomach, the third — the local immunity of the intestine. Unfortunately, in a weakened body all these barriers can fail. Then the worms still fall into the intestine and develop into sexually mature individuals.

Over time the human body poisoned products life of worms. In a patient increases fatigue, impairs, or on the contrary enhances the appetite, appear headaches. Disturbed digestive tract: appear abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation and vomiting. It can occur anal itching. Increase the sensitivity to allergens — also the result of the turbulent life of worms. The consequences can be very serious — from skin rashes to asthma. One more negative action of worms — they undermine the immune system.

treatment of worms

What is manifested?

Symptoms of worm disease depends on the type and amount of worms, and also from the individual reaction of the organism to the worms. The first symptoms of infection with worms: deteriorating appetite, vomiting, nausea, or drooling, paroxysmal pain in the abdomen. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, develops rapid fatigue and weakness, sleep disorders. Upon infection with worms (pinworms), patients troubled by itching in the anus and perineum. Amplifying the night and at rest. Sometimes it is so severe that the patient wakes up.

Than dangerous?

For constipation, sharp pain in the abdomen and its swelling, you should immediately consult with a doctor. Such symptoms may be indicative of your intestinal obstruction. When heavy helminthiasis are developing breach from the side of nervous system: long-lasting headaches, dizziness, nervous tics. When ascariasis due to the nature of the migration of the parasite in the body may occur such a symptom of the presence of worms as paroxysmal with a strong cough. Often the symptoms of worms in humans are skin changes in the form of various pies.

Diagnosis of worm infestations

At any suspicion on infection with worms it is necessary to turn to a specialist, rather than engage in self-medicate. The diagnosis is confirmed by conventional analysis of a feces on eggs of worms. If during the first analysis of the feces the eggs of worms in humans are not found, but the probability of infection is high, the examination is repeated several times in a row.

How to treat intestinal worms

For the treatment of worms apply a special medication against worms. Selection of drugs from the worms depends on the specific type of deworming, which is detected in the patient. Doctor prescribe diet pills, aimed at getting rid of parasites. Treatment of worms is carried out at home.

The criterion of healing are the repeated negative results of the analyses of stool in humans for the eggs of worms.