How to get rid of worms in humans

If you want to understand, worked therapy, or not, it is necessary to know, how is the output of worms after the treatment in humans.
If the action is for the removal of parasites are crafted poorly, then you may need to repeat the course of treatment or intake of certain medications.

worms in humans

Kinds of diseases with parasites

Helminthiasis — a disease arising as a result of the life of parasites in the human body.

  • lives in the intestinal area;
  • larvae;
  • living outside the area of the intestines.

The russians of the normal worms, the representatives of which is ascariasis, cat Fluke, and pinworms.

Symptoms of ascariasis

Become infected with ascariasis is possible during the use of dirty vegetables and berries.
Dirty hands can also cause the emergence of the disease. In the first few days of the disease can manifest in the form of poor well-being, the decline of forces.

Possible manifestations of allergic reactions, symptoms of which is itchy and similar to hives rashes. On the 4th day, are possible the following manifestations:

  • disappearance of appetite;
  • problems with a chair;
  • painful sensation in the umbilical area, as well as below the ribs;
  • nausea.

Very rarely can occur migraine, loss of sleep, dizziness. Symptoms largely depends on how active the parasites, because their activity increases.

The symptoms of opisthorchiasis

symptoms of worms

Opisthorchiasis (cat Fluke) arises as a result of the siberian Fluke. The source of infection is both man and animals. The middleware of the holders include freshwater crustaceans.

People are infected by the parasite at the time of use of the affected raw, salted or frozen fish.

The acute phase of the disease is characterized by a sharp increase in body temperature, allergic manifestations, pain in the muscles. In ignoring the early treatment of the acute period spills over into the chronic form.

This stage is for women featured a similar cholecystitis, in men – with gastroduodenitis.

Symptoms of pinworms

Pinworms quite common among the diseases. Injection occurs when direct contact with a carrier of the disease, or in the use of various subjects, to which pinworms time to lay eggs.
The early phase of the infection has no symptoms.

During an exacerbation occurs itching in the back alley and in the area of the genitals. Can be observed sleep disturbances, irritability.

Symptoms the presence of parasites in the body

The main factors, the presence of worms in the human body are:

  • a sharp rise in temperature;
  • allergic rashes;
  • deterioration of sleep;
  • cough;
  • problems with a chair;
  • increased salivation;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract, bloating;
  • weight reduction;
  • the smell from the mouth;
  • deterioration of appetite.

Not always are all the symptoms can manifest in a person for one day. It is appropriate at the first symptoms immediately, contact a specialist in the distribution of special examination and treatment assignment.

Than worms dangerous to humans

The danger of worms in the body lies in the fact that their availability is very rarely it is possible to determine for certain reasons.

People can heal after a long period of time, even when there is no suspicion about it, what is the real cause of diseases are parasites. If from them in a timely manner to get rid of, then it carries with it the gradual destruction of the internal system of a person.
During migration the larvae may rapidly occur obstruction in the intestine or the bronchial tubes the top.

Trichuriasis reduces the amount of hydrochloric acid in the formation of gastric juice. For this reason, the disturbed digestive process, reduces the body's resistance against various bacteria, increases the risk of food poisoning.

worms in a child

Than worms dangerous for the baby

Helminths are dangerous for a child's organism, as they are able to slow down the physical, sexual, mental development in the child.

If worms have the child all the same that appeared, then they can be the cause of the anemia, and also have a negative effect on the ability of memorization.

In some cases, it may monitor the deterioration of well-being.
Worms can cause weakening of immunity, and some kinds of parasites can become a source of cancer tumors in the organs in which they settled.

Medication of worms in humans

There are many ways to deal with parasites. Listed below are the most common drugs to fight parasites.


So as not to damage your body, or prevent the worsening of the course of the disease, it is advisable to visit a specialist, pass the necessary tests, the identification of the parasites. And only then proceed to the therapeutic activities, because self-treatment is not always gives positive results.