Cleans the intestines from parasites in the home

The human body – system is quite complex. From the very moment of birth it is exposed to interaction with the outside world, respectively, with a variety of microorganisms. And not all bring the person favor, often come across the so-called parasites (worms, fungi, etc.). When they penetrate into the body and infect him then from them it is necessary to get rid of. Because these microorganisms are able to cause great damage.

Here then arises the question of how to extricate the parasites from the body. If they do not do so in a timely manner, then this situation can lead even to fatal consequences. Therefore, the body must be regularly cleaned from parasites. Including the conduct of regular prevention.

Cleaning the intestines from parasites

What are the parasites can be in the body

How to extricate the parasites from the body tablets? For this initially it is necessary to determine, before it is attacked. The human body can be more species of parasites:

  • worms (it's tapeworms, and roundworms);
  • pinworms;
  • vlasoglavy;
  • ascaris;
  • liver fluke;
  • Trichomonas;
  • Toxoplasma gondii;
  • Gardnerella;
  • gonorrhea;
  • mycoplasmas;
  • Ureaplasma;
  • giardia;
  • chlamydia;
  • fungi of the genus candida;
  • amoebas;
  • a variety of viral microorganisms.

Symptoms of infestation

The symptoms during the attack and the body parasites can be very diverse. For example, liquid stool, abdominal pain, constipation, depression, weakness. Even the feeling of discomfort in the joints and the muscles. Sometimes dramatically changes the weight of the body — a person starts to rapidly lose weight. Appear brutal appetite, compromised immune system. Arises the excessive sensitivity of the skin. When detecting, in the body of parasites in humans can be observed sudden changes in pressure.

Sometimes there's a rash, acne, irritation, even scabies. The inflamed area of the skin can start to fester. Yellowish whites of the eyes also sometimes indicative of parasites, which are in the body. The skin may appear out of kilter and warts. Begins to break down the nails. Inflammation of the urinary system. In some cases, even developing asthma. It is alarming, and therefore, the question arises, as to bring parasites from the body.

But immediately panic, it's not worth it. Many symptoms can be caused by other diseases, including colds. So in any case, it is necessary to visit a doctor, who will put an accurate diagnosis and determine the type of parasites and the ways of their excretion from the body. But even before the onset of symptoms, the prevention of harm.

Cleaning garlic

The preparation of the body to cleanse from parasites

Let's understand, how to properly extricate the parasites from the body Before this procedure first undergo a medical examination. This is necessary for choosing an effective method of treatment. In addition, they can identify and contraindications to certain drugs or methods of cleaning. Especially on the background of chronic diseases, inflammation or exacerbations.

Before the regeneration of the organism from the parasites need to switch to healthy eating. In the ideal case – vegetarians. It is necessary to exclude from the diet of fatty and heavy meals, for a period of two weeks to hold gentle handling of goods of the diet. You need to eat as many fruits, raw vegetables, drink fresh juices. It is necessary to exclude from the diet sugar and refined foods.

Important is the observance of proper drinking treatments. Consume only pure drinking water in an amount of not less than two liters a day. It is necessary to exclude carbonated beverages, pre-cleanse the kidneys, liver and intestines. Suffering from constipation – apply the enema, by cleansing the colon. For it is possible to use infusions of tansy, chamomile, mugwort, calendula and yarrow.

How to clean an organism from the parasites using a tablet

How to effectively extricate the parasites from the body? If properly approach the issue, then it is necessary to apply not only medicines, but also to use the accessories of the folk remedies. And treatment should take place in several stages.

Just is three. At first the body goes through pre-training. Prescribed medications that contain vegetable oils. In the second stage are written de-worming medication, but gently applied. In the third step are assigned medications, revitalizing immunity and liver function, kidney, intestines and so on, as well as vitamin complexes. The most important meaning is to restore the liver.


How to cleanse the body from parasites folk remedies

There are many ways, applying to a long time among the people. A list of the methods used most often.

It is very useful to know how to pull the parasites folk remedies. If a person does not have gastritis or ulcers, then it is possible to use for cleaning hot peppers. If it is consume in large amount, then the worms, harmful bacteria will disappear. But in any case, this method may damage an empty stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to apply very carefully. Children is contraindicated clearly.

Cleansing is commonplace incandescent light bulbs will suit, if the body is overwhelmed by ascarids and pinworms. For the treatment of they take the onions and thoroughly crushed. Pour a glass of boiling water and insist 12 hours. Then tincture filter it and drink half a cup a day. The course of treatment – 4 day.

How to pull out from the body of parasites folk remedies yet? Good way – garlic candle. It's quite an interesting and effective method. For the preparation of candles charge a few lobules garlic, which are ground on a shallow grater or under pressure. Then this porridge pour a small amount of warm boiled water and half an hour insist. In the dense solution-soaked fleece and wrapped in a bandage. You insert it into the anus for 20 minutes. Such garlic porridge can also be used for an enema, add to the water.

Get rid of the body from small worms well helps to the juice of raw carrots. Enough taken daily for one tablespoon twice a day.

For cleaning, you can make an infusion of chicory. It will take 1 teaspoon grated finely the root. In addition to need the same amount of dry tansy and yarrow. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The resulting mixture is poured two cups of water, insist on a water bath for 15 minutes. Drink the infusion should be fasting a quarter cup. The course of treatment – a week.

Cleaning baking soda

How to extricate the parasites from the human body with the help of soda? It is exactly to this method of treatment must be handled carefully. Although, according to many, often the drug is more effective than expensive drugs. This method applies to the people's methods. The procedure consists of an enema of baking soda, which apply in the evening.

The course of treatment – two weeks. Spend it, you can twice a year. According to the observations of people who have undergone this treatment, already after the first course is restored to normal appetite, persist discomfort, and strengthens the nervous system.

For an enema to be charged 800 ml of water, to which is added 30 g of soda. Some people prefer to add a little more salt. Then a solution is applied into the rectum.

You can come across a myriad of stories, how to pull out the parasites and soda. Only here the doctors with the general view that it helps the expulsion of worms from the body disagrees. So how to inhabit the parasites are basically in the upper part of the intestine, and down descend only to delay the eggs. And if the parasites have proven to be in the course of proceedings there is, of course, to wash. But the rest of the pinworms affected. Yeah, and soda are not afraid.

Cleaning baking soda

How to clean the intestines from parasites

To cleanse the bowel of worms, you can use an enema with medicinal herbs. How to extricate the parasites from the colon in this way? Very useful for it will will Siberian ginseng and spirulina. These plants are detoxicant, bind and remove all the poisonous substances, the number of which they get pinworms and many harmful bacteria.

When someone asks you about it, how to pull out from the body of a huge parasite, you can safely answer that Siberian ginseng and spirulina are creating unbearable for the life of worms the conditions (regardless of their size), than under pressure, it is gone as soon as possible and that is inappropriate for their life in the human body. In addition, the data the plants are perfectly regenerates the immunity, the protective response, contribute to the rapid restoration of intestinal, mucosal and biliary tract.

When you cannot excrete the parasites on their own, without consulting with your doctor

The output of the parasites themselves in domestic conditions cannot in some cases. When:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • oncology;
  • exacerbation of chronic disease (any);
  • high temperature;
  • disease colds;
  • acute failure or liver failure;
  • ulcer of the stomach, gastritis;
  • bleeding (including menstruation).


In order not to wonder how to extricate the parasites from the body, and not to suffer their presence and uncomfortable symptoms, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene and timely conduct prevention. Most worms and roundworms suffer from children's organism. It happens much more often than an adult.

Therefore, it is necessary to always wash your hands after a walk, visiting the toilet and before eating. Cut nails, a day to brush your teeth, wash and so on underwear should be changed every day while bed linen once a week. After washing should be carefully ironed with a hot iron on both sides.

Rules of hygiene must be observed not only children but also adults. You cannot enable close contacts of the child with pets. On the street must learn that it is not to pick up abandoned items and not to touch stray animals.

In the living room there is constantly should be done wet cleaning. Toys, brought from the street, it is necessary to wash with soap and water. Vegetables and fruits before consumption necessarily pour warm water. Fish and meat eat only after thorough thermal treatment. Do not drink water from the tap, water straight from the tap.

Due to today's ecological environment and condition of the city water supply, it is necessary to seriously take to the water we drink. Useful will be the installation of various filters and cleaners. If there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to drink only boiled water.

Vegetables and fruits

Merits and demerits of the folk methods of treatment

If you are sure that is infected with parasites, then cleanse the body of folk methods can be in home conditions.

From parasites to use the following methods of cleaning:

If you are sure that is infected with parasites, then cleanse the body of folk methods can be in home conditions.

Let's find out how these methods are effective.

The lack of consultation with the doctor may lead to the fact that you confused the diagnosis, being treated from parasites, which not. Or this method is not effective against this type of parasites. An accurate diagnosis can be delivered only on the basis of the results of the analyses, and not otherwise.

In addition, the treatment of parasites in the household may lead right to clearing of the organism and to his poisoning. Because some overdo it with the dosage, find themselves in the hospital with established internal burns or disorders of the digestive system.

Some overdo it with the dosage, find themselves in the hospital with established internal burns or disorders of the digestive system.

Such actions have far-reaching consequences and cannot be accepted. Folk methods are best applied in combination with medicines, recommended by your doctor.

But with these methods there are also pros. As a lack of chemistry in the team. The positive influence of herbs on the human body, allows you to clean the esophagus not only against parasites, but also unnecessary bacteria in the home.

How to carry out prevention cleanses the organism from parasites in the home

Engage in the prevention of preferably in the fall and in the spring, during the epidemic waves.

If you are constantly in a large team and contact with humans, prevention is a must do at least twice a year. This is especially the case for children, because in children's institutions, gardens and schools easily become infected. It can also occur in an ambulance or in a hospital, in a bank or store.

After coming from the street sure to wash your hands. As well as before the consumption of food and after contact with animals.


After coming from the street sure to wash your hands. As well as before the consumption of food and after contact with animals. This is especially true for street animals. They perform all sorts of parasites, bacteria and microbes.

Always expose the meat and fish processing, which is guaranteed to destroy the eggs of parasites. Also, it should always boil water if you just warm it through a filter, it increases the chance of infection.

Prevention is to indulge women cannot be in the intestinal infections, pregnant women and during the critical days.

For prevention, you need to just drink some pills against parasites, the composition of which is Levamisole.

You have to just sip some pills against parasites, the composition of which is Levamisole. This will weaken the protection of the parasites impact on the source itself of the organism.

In two days it is necessary to drink the drug in the composition, which is Mebendazole. This will lead to their complete destruction.

Observe personal hygiene. Clean your body, it will be prevention against parasites in domestic conditions is the most effective, even if your body a weak immune system.

Observe personal hygiene. Clean your body, it will be prevention against parasites in domestic conditions is the most effective, even if your body a weak immune system.

Well, and if you're already sick, let's hope that this article will help you to effectively and safely clean the body from parasites, even in domestic conditions. But it is better, they are all the same, seek medical help. Remember that your health is in your hands. Take care of yourself and your children.